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Mattel's official site. Fun and very informative. Check it out now!

The Doll Attic-Holds treasure just for you

Doll Attic of Sandi Holder. The graphics are pretty and pleasing. Lots of vintage Barbie.

Tracyluv's Twiggyluv

Tracy loves Twiggy. Yes, I also love Twiggy! Do you think so?
This is very cool and MOD page!

Morito's Kimono

Morito is dolls collector of Gene. His hand- made Kimono are very beautiful.

JeNnY(and Japanese dolls)

Welcome to..David Hammon Dolls Japan

DOLLS JAPAN has many beautiful dolls...
Takara, Bandai, Ma-ba...If you love a Japanese doll, you will be satisfied with his web.

She is my Guam friend. ggdolls has many@Japanese dolls info & beautiful picture and they are cute. If you like cutie stuff check it now! Top of page, a sad song of ' Sailormoon' can be heard. It is my favorite songs:)


Temple of the Blonde, Brunette, and Golden Dawn!

This is lovely page!
Tammy has wonderful collection of Dawn. She has a great many dolls and Dawn items.

Leggy and Blythe

Club Leggy

by Carol roth
You can know the most detailed information about Leggy here. Carol has wonderful collection. They are too cute!

This is Blythe

by Gina Galan
It is certainly her that made an opportunity of popularity of Blythe. Blythe which she takes is cute wonderfully.