L to R: Chako/Rummy/Minny

(TSUKUDA 1968)

Rummy and Minny what we call a gimmick-doll.
Originally dolls are "Baby Stella" of British Perfekta company. (pic below)
Tsukuda acquired a license in Japan and sold it.
Rummy is 22cm in height. She has brunette hair and real eyelashes. Her sister is Minny. They has various hair color and style. Also she has real eyelashes and there was the type that closed an eye.
She has some friend dolls Mitchey and Chako. Mitchey is very hard to find today. Chako and Mitchey has painted eyelashes. Minny, Chako and Mitchey is 13cm in height. About outfit...The Italian place name is used of their outfits names.

"I nod my head for YES, I shake my head for NO"
When you press her back for Yes, press her tummy for No.
A nude doll in vinyl is the prize of BASUKURIN. (1960's) Basukurin is Japanese popular bath powder. Bubble hair girl is Minny.