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Being well into
autumn, we have the picturesque scenery
filled with yellow colors
Autumn Colors
Through Ginkgo Roadside Trees
Kita-Aoyama, Tokyo
Kita-Aoyama (29KB/JPEG) Walking on Fallen Leaves Minami-Aoyama (27KB/JPEG) The Bridge with a Fine View Den-en-chofu (48KB/JPEG) Under Ginkgo Trees
Yotsuya (34KB/JPEG) Promenade on the Bank Hanzomon (35KB/JPEG) Hanzo-bori Moat Den-en-chofu (50KB/JPEG) The Autumn Sunshine
Hongo (33KB/JPEG) Sanshiro-ike Pond Marunouchi (30KB/JPEG) Yellow Leaves in the Rain

updated : July 11, 2004
released : September 5, 1999

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.
E-mail me for permission to use.