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Birds in Tokyo A great number of
birds come flyng into
water and green areas
in Tokyo.
 Black-headed Gull
 on the Tamagawa Riverside
Shin-Edogawa Park (50KB/JPEG) Great Egret 1 Kanda River (54KB/JPEG) Little Egret Shiomi Terminal (30KB/JPEG) Great Egret 2
Shiomi Terminal (33KB/JPEG) Black-tailed Gull Chuo-ohashi Bridge (28KB/JPEG) Black-headed Gull Harumi Termminal (48KB/JPEG) Black-headed Gull
in the Night
Shakujii River (52KB/JPEG) Siberian Meadow Bunting

updated : July 11, 2004
released : September 1, 2003

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.
E-mail me for permission to use.