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Panorama Gallery

Panorama Gallery

Presented here are my panoramic pictures of four different image sizes, shot with the panoramic camera using a spinning lens and the popular 35 mm cameras of non-panoramic type. Most of them are focused on the scenery of TOKYO.
Have a panorama break with a cup of coffee and enjoy seeing these pictures.

 image sizes :
 Full-sized Panoramic Format
  aspect ratio ... 3:1 
 2:1 Cropped Panoramic Format
  aspect ratio ... 2:1 
 Hi-Vision-sized Format
  aspect ratio ... 1.78:1 

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 Cherry Blossoms 
The Japanese are very fond of going out to see cherry blossoms.
 TOKYO Riverside 
Watching the stream of waters on the riverside, we feel so calm.
 Autumn Colors 
We have the picturesque scenery filled with vivid colors in TOKYO.
 Birds in Tokyo 
A great number of birds come flyng into water and green areas.
 Kyoto From Season To Season 
Especially autumn tints in Kyoto are so impressive for you.
 Summertime in Shanghai 
I had the fortune to visit Shanghai in China.
 The Scenery of Germany & Austria 
My favorite cityscapes with medieval buildings and pretty children.

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updated : July 11, 2004

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.
E-mail me for permission to use.