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Kyoto is
the historic city
filled with
impressive colors
at all seasons
of the year.

Each of the colors
fascinates you.

Red Color in Kyoto 
Kyoto From Season To Season; Ohara
Kiyomizuji Temple (32KB/JPEG) In Spring Haze
Fushimi (30KB/JPEG) In Flower in Summer
Ohara (30KB/JPEG) The Season of Growing Ripe
Konzoji Temple (38KB/JPEG) Autumn Colors
Konzoji Temple (35KB/JPEG) Red Leaves
Ohara (36KB/JPEG) Snowed Roofs

updated : July 11, 2004
released : August 22, 1999

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.
E-mail me for permission to use.