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The Japanese are
very fond of going out
to see cherry blossoms
in every spring.

The scenery of
the blossoms in TOKYO
is one of
the beauties of nature.

Cherry Blossoms
On the Shakujii Riverside 
Takinogawa (40KB/JPEG) Walking
under Blossoms
Kudan (31KB/JPEG) Kitanomaru Park
Waseda (33KB/JPEG) Blossoms
on the River
Ichigaya (31KB/JPEG) Cherry Framing
Iidabashi (34KB/JPEG) A Cafe
on the Moat

updated : July 11, 2004
released : April 22, 2000

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.
E-mail me for permission to use.