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Shinobazunoike Pond

Ueno Shinobazunoike Pond, Panorama TOKYO 360°
picture size: 2816x341 pixels, 278KB/JPEG
photographed: April 2004

It has been a famous area of cherry-blossom viewing since the Edo period.

Imperial Palace
East Garden
Imperial Palace East Garden, Panorama TOKYO 360°
picture size: 2763x341 pixels, 260KB/JPEG
photographed: April 2003

"Azalea blossoms" with vivid color can be seen in the Garden at the end of April.

Kaga-midoribashi Bridge, Panorama TOKYO 360°
picture size: 2734x341 pixels, 253KB/JPEG
photographed: March 2003

The Japanese are very fond of going out to see "cherry blossoms" every spring.

Chuo-ohashi Bridge
Chuo-ohashi Bridge, Panorama TOKYO 360°
picture size: 2775x341 pixels, 205KB/JPEG
photographed: March 2003

The bridge spanned the Sumida River is also the main gate into a high-rised city.

Panorama Viewer
This panorama viewer is my original approach of Java Applet programming to show the 360° panorama movie. Most of 360° panorama movies are shown with a distortion that the magnification increases gradually toward each side of the image on scrolling. These panoramic images have not the distortion of the horizontal angle for stitching images photographed by the panoramic camera with a rotating lens.

If the auto scrolling of the panoramic image can not be operated smoothly on your browser, you should try to download the Sun Microsystems' JRE (Java 2 Runtime Environment) from the URL below and to install it in your machine.

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updated : June 22, 2004

All photographs are copyright by Tsutomu Kuriyama.