Panorama TOKYO : Kanda-Sudacho  

Transportation Museum is located close by the Manseibashi Bridge across the Kanda River. You can see two front bodies of real cars at the entrance of the museum; the Japanese steam locomotive type D51 and the Shinkansen. Of course, original vehicles and models of all sort of transport are exhibited in the museum. On a holiday many children with their families visit here, because a vehicle is one of their favorite things.

You can also watch the back of the museum on the Manseibashi Bridge. Then you find faded arches made of red blicks on the wall of the building. The old-looking wall retains a trace that the former building of the museum was JNR Manseibashi Station in 1912 to 1943. Going under the railload bridge beside the museum, "Electric Town" Akihabara is before your very eyes.

JR Yamanote Line/Keihin-Tohoku Line/Sobu Line: Akihabara Sta.
Subway Marunouchi Line: Awajicho Sta., Subway Ginza Line: Kanda Sta.
Subway Shinjuku Line: Ogawacho Sta.

panoramic camera : NOBLEX 135 U (NOBLAR T 29mm/F4.5)
picture angle : 130 degrees (horizontal)
exposure : F8 , 1/125 sec.
film sensitivity : ISO 100
shot : May 2001

updated : June 12, 2004
released : June 1, 2001

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