Panorama TOKYO : Tokyo Station  

The major redevelopment of JR Tokyo Station is just under way. On the Yaesu side, the construction work of twin high-rise station buildings and renewal of the station plaza are making steady progress. There is another plan to restore the two-story station building on the Marunouchi side to its original three-story design. The work will start in April 2006, and it will be on the largest scale since the opening of the station in 1914. The overall improvement of the station will be completed in 2011.

The station building on the Marunouchi side has renewed by boost-up lighting design on December 19, 2003. The architectural lighting was designed by Motoko Ishii, a Japanese leading lighting designer. Lighting sets off the outline of roofs and red-brick walls fantastically in the night sky. It is becoming to "The Entrance of Tokyo".

JR Lines/Subway Marunouchi Line: Tokyo Sta.

panoramic camera : NOBLEX 135 U (NOBLAR T 29mm/F4.5)
picture angle : 130 degrees (horizontal)
exposure : F5.6 , 1 sec.
film sensitivity : ISO 100
shot : December 2003

updated : June 12, 2004
released : January 3, 2004

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