Panorama TOKYO : Ikebukuro  

Downtown Ikebukuro is filled with department stores, shopping centers and amusement facilities. That is also "Culture Town" with a lot of large bookstores, museums and theaters. JR Ikebukuro Station is a big transfer station connected with four private railways. At the north of the station, the Ikebukuro-ohashi Bridge spans tracks.

You can enjoy viewing the skyline of Ikebukuro with the high-rise building Sunshine 60 from the bridge. And you can get the distant view of high-rises at Shinjuku too. Especially you have a nice time at twilight here, but with some traffic noises.

JR Lines/Subway Lines/Seibu Ikebukuro Line/Tobu Tojo Line: Ikebukuro Sta.

panoramic camera : NOBLEX 135 U (NOBLAR T 29mm/F4.5)
picture angle : 130 degrees (horizontal)
exposure : F8 , 1/30 sec.
film sensitivity : ISO 100
shot : February 1998

updated : January 7, 2005
released : March 1, 1998

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