Panorama TOKYO : Takinogawa  

Asukayama Park near JR Oji Station is the famous sights of viewing cherry blossoms, and is very crowded in spring. It would be better to go for a leisurely stroll on the promenade along the Shakujii River, if you want to feel the spring air avoiding crowds or outdoor parties under the cherry trees in the park. You'll be quite satisfied with viewing the blossoms and watching waterfowls on the riverside, here at Takinogawa.

On the first Sunday of April 1999 with the full blossoms, a little sunlight has barely come through the clouds in the afternoon.

JR Keihin-Tohoku Line/Subway Nanboku Line: Oji Sta.
Tram Arakawa Line: Asukayama Stop

panoramic camera : NOBLEX 135 U (NOBLAR T 29mm/F4.5)
picture angle : 130 degrees (horizontal)
exposure : F8 , 1/60 sec.
film sensitivity : ISO 100
shot : April 1999

updated : April 12, 2003
released : April 1, 1999

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