Panorama TOKYO : Sekiguchi  

Walking along Mejiro Street at Sekiguchi, you'll have the view of St. Mary's Cathedral shining like silver through ginkgo roadside trees. The cathedral of future shape, looked as a cross seen from above, was planned by a world-famous architect Kenzo Tange in 1964. He put his hand to modern architecture, such as Tokyo Metropolitan Govt. building at Nishi-Shinjuku, National Yoyogi Gym at Yoyogi, etc. We often have a concert performance of a pipe organ in the cathedral.

Stopping on the pedestrian bridge spanned the street, you can enjoy watching metallic walls of the cathedral shining in the afternoon sun and fine arrays of ginkgo roadside trees changing their colors in late autumn. Also, the high-rise building Sunshine 60 at Ikebukuro can be seen in the distance.

Subway Yurakucho Line: Gokokuji Sta., Edogawabashi Sta.

panoramic camera : NOBLEX 135 U (NOBLAR T 29mm/F4.5)
picture angle : 130 degrees (horizontal)
exposure : F8 , 1/125 sec.
film sensitivity : ISO 100
shot : December 1999

updated : June 12, 2004
released : December 1, 1999

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