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I like to take pictures of landscapes or cityscapes in Tokyo. That is the scenery of green, water, skyline and sunset. I've been crazy about taking panoramas since I got a German panoramic camera NOBLEX 135 in 1995. It is useful to shoot the wide-angle area in the cityscapes. This camera is so neat for me.

The contents of "Panorama TOKYO" are planned to release a panoramic view of Tokyo with the best-angle composition we have ever seen. I scan the latest panoramic image shot with the NOBLEX 135 and put on my page.

Panoramic photography is really hard for me, but exciting. I've been learning how to handle the peculiar character of the panoramic camera for taking better panoramas. I guess the best way of learning is to shoot many scenes.

about me 'Kuri'

Tsutomu Kuriyama

Tokyo, Japan

Photography :  Taking pictures of landscapes or cityscapes. Especially panoramas.

Trip :  Going to see the change of seasons for Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura.

Music :  Listening to jazz, bossa-nova and classical music.

Railway :  Getting on a train with a steam locomotive in Europe.

Variety Goods :  Collecting goods applied scientific principles.

Personal Computer :  Using 'Photoshop' for retouching of my pictures.

Mt. Fuji Viewing :  Viewing the silhouette in the twilight from high-rise buildings.

Nature Watching :  Watching the starry sky, birds, green and water.

Sking :  My one and only favorite winter sport.

German Wein :  I'm pleased with Franken wines in the flat-shaped bottle.

Belgian Beer :  High alcohol beer of the Trappists is so good but expensive.

Tennessee Whiskey :  Drinking JACK DANIEL'S and water with a piece of ice.

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updated : January 1, 2005