LISA Lab. Medical Instruments Museum by Lisa Inoue collections

Museum director:Lisa Inoue(member of the Folklore Society in Japan)

An opening greeting:
I have collected the medical instruments of the old age when it is introduced to the public here since the school days for the research of history of medicine.
Cooperation is taken by the collection of these medical instruments from many medical institutions.
While artist activities and writing activities are continued, I have continued the research of the medicalanthropology, history of medicine and medical folklore.
My art works kept presenting the various problems of the medical treatment, life science, and the technology consistently.
As for me, it had interest in the learning as well medicalanthropology, history of medecine and medical folklore with the start.
Then, it had interest gradually as for the history of mankind and science as well while I was concerned with the problem of life science and the technology deeply with my art works.
I reach that I work with the artist activities together at present and the research of the medicalanthropology, history of medicine and medical folklore is done.
The research theme which I grapple with at present is research about the physiologist Sydney Ringer of the English modern ages. He was the physiologist known by inventing the Ringer's solution used for the intravenous drip infusion, and a big achievement was left again in the history of the electrocardiogram study of the rest and the pharmacy as well. Not only it but also the thesis of the variety which left him again was different from the IMRAD form seen in many science theses, and the process until a conclusion was reached at last was recorded minutely, too. Not only clinical learning target observation but also an idea and creative power as one scientist is only shown in such a his thesis.
I get deep sympathy as artist's one person for his creative approach.
I will continue consideration further about the life and the technology with medical history looked back at from now on, too.

This museum is established for the person who has interest in history of medicine, and the researcher.
Though the level of the medical education in present Japan is high technically scholarly, it is the present condition that there are few scholars who make history of medecine a speciality like the scholar of the foreign countries besides one case.
So, this museum aims at the place of the learning interchange of the researcher comrade of each country which had interest in history of medecine.

Future view:
It links in the future with this museum, and holding of the exhibition which was established and which material were collected together in aims at the actual historical materials room, too.

A wish to the medical people concerned and the medical institution:
Please present the medical instruments which became unnecessary to my museum.

▼Collection List

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ESMARCH's Irrigator 
KROENIG's Marrow Trocars 
Tuberculin Blood Sedimentation 
Hypodermic Glass Syringe 
KIKUCHI's Tonsil Fossa Cannula 
BRUENING's Laryngeal Spatula
MACKENZIE's Tonsilotome 
Electro Cardiographmonitor MS20 
OHKAWA's Inhaler