LISA INOUE PROFILE and Main art works

Born in Tokyo
LISA INOUE is known as representative Japanese artist who uses medical instruments for installation, earth works and high-tech media art .
The art works of LISA INOUE made "brain death" "internal organ transplant" "medical ethics" "virus" and others a theme, and it was pursued deeply about the relations between mankind and the technology.
LISA INOUE has also been closely linked with field work and research on medical folklore, history of medicine, and medicalanthropology.

LISA INOUE's Main art works
Earth Works 1978〜1997 (In progress)

The “Earth Beats”series in which physical information is obtained by using medical measuring instruments such as an electrocardiograph installed out in the open air, “The Ocean of Ringer”series in which an intravenous infusion apparatus is set at the seaside for fixed point photographing for 24hours, etc. (Zenpukujigawa Park, Kinuta Park, Taisei Ground, Kujyukurihama, Miura-kaigan,Tateyama-Kaigan, Biwako, Naguriko, Takizawa-mura in Morioka, etc.)

One man exhibition
1984,87,93 Gallery Hinoki (Tokyo)
1985 Specially installed building (Tokyo)
1986,88 Gallery 21 (Tokyo)
1988 ART SPACE (Hyogo)
1990 Konoha Gallery (Tokyo)/Gallery Carbim (Tokyo)/SEIBU department (Funabashi)/Tamura Gallery (Tokyo)
1991 Galerie DEN (Tokyo)
1991,92 Maki Gallery (Tokyo)
1992 Gallery and cafe Suikato (Tokyo)
1992,94 Ai Gallery (Tokyo)
1993 Gallery K (Tokyo)

Group exhibition
1990 Biwako Artists' Organization in Okisima '90 (Biwako)
1990 TOKYO−SEOUL 6000 secounds(Gallery Iteza,Tokyo)
ZONE Alternative Art scene (Parthenon TAMA,Tokyo)
Two weeks in the spring (Tateyama,Chiba)
NAGURI Open air Exhibition (Naguri-mura,Saitama)
Biwako Artists' Organization in Okisima '90 (Biwako)
TAKIZAWA ART FIELD '91(Takizawa-mura,Iwate)
Virtual Exhibition (ENTETU department,Hamamatsu)
Series Exhibition <Body-Space Vol.2> (Gallery ART SPACE,Tokyo)
Of the Human Condition(Spiral,Tokyo・Ashiya City Museum of Art & History,Hyogo)
Wnen The Body Becomes Art> (Itabashi Art Museum,Tokyo)
Biwako Contemporary Art Exhibition (Ohtu-port,Shiga)
THE INNER TIDE (Imagination Factory OTTO,Yokohama
Series Exhibition <FIELD WORKERS> (Gallery ART SPACE,Tokyo)
Minato Mirai '95 <to A from A> (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery)
MORPHE'95 <Project for Gas Mask for cat >(Aoyama BELL COMMONS)
Kanagawa Art Annual'96 (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery)
A Gift of Remembrance'96  Lisa Inoue+Masahiro Kobayashi A.V.Project-Artery and Vein (Art Gallery LA FENICE,Osaka)
TAMA VIVANT'96 (Tama Art University Gallery,Tokyo)
MORPHE'96 LISA INOUE+SANDAIMEUOTAKE HAMADA SHIGEO <The bloodless revolution> (Vision Network,Tokyo)
1997 Post Woman Foot(Kamakura Gallery,Tokyo)

LISA INOUE's main study theme
history of medicine:(research on fluid therapy and field work on Sydney Ringer)

The research theme which LISA INOUE grappls with at present is research about the physiologist Sydney Ringer of the English modern ages. He was the physiologist known by inventing the “Ringer's solution” used for the intravenous drip infusion, and a big achievement was left again in the history of the electrocardiogram study of the rest and the pharmacy as well. Not only it but also the thesis of the variety which left him again was different from the IMRAD form seen in many science theses, and the process until a conclusion was reached at last was recorded minutely, too. Not only clinical learning target observation but also an idea and creative power as one scientist is only shown in such a his thesis.
LISA INOUE gets deep sympathy as artist's one person for his creative approach.

physiologist, Dr. Sydney Ringer(1835-1910)

medicalanthropology and medicalfolklore:
LISA INOUE is studied at present about the traditional medical treatment of each Japanese ground and the folk remedy.
This research is done to examine how the old people recognized illness in the medical history.