Sydney Ringer's last letter to Sir James Barr

Sir James Barr is the doctor who is the acquaintance of Sydney Ringer.
In his original paper "Use And Abuse of the Lime Salts in Health and Dusease, British Medical Journal, Sept.24,1910", he looked back at the achievement of Sydney Ringer 's works between 1882 and 1890 several weeks before Sydney Ringer passed away. Then, he evaluates Sydney Ringer's clinical research great.
Sydney Ringer sent a gratitude last letter to Sir James Barr from the sickbed.
After this letter was sent, He passed away on October 14, 1910.

Obituary. British Medical Journal,Oct.29,1910.
Sir James Barr. Use and Abuseof the Lime Salts in Health and Disease, British Medical Journal,Sept.24,1910.


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