The death of the Sydney Ringer's eldest daughter Anni

Sydney Ringer had two daughters. But, an eldest daughter Anni passes away by the accident in the day when seven-year-old birthday was greeted.
The following record writes it by the reference"reputedly by choking on a plum stone at her 7th birthday party".
It isn't understood why such an accident happened.
Though it was made which, he as the physiologist or the medical person couldn't save a daughter.
I feel strong despair when I think about his feeling at this time.
Ringer was father, and he was a clinician.
Even if it thinks from the medical technique, it is thought that there were some ways on his daughter's such an accident.
It became the wound of the heart of his life that he couldn't save his daughter .
He has usually faced with the patient's "death" as a medical person.
But, when he faced his daughter's "death" , he must have felt that medical science and a medical person aren't perfect to be strong.
How did he change thought on his daughter's death as one medical person? And, didn't he change? It isn't clear.
In the reference, it is said that he became the oversensitive character to after the daughter's accident.
But, he didn't retire from the medical person's position and he continued medical work, too.
I feel his great determination and courage about this thing.
Ordinary parents may have thought about "suicide" well, too.
But, the act that he who is a physiologist and a medical person breaks off a his life with himself means "defeat" for him.
As for it, it is decided that he will deny himself the affection that he offered it to the learning until now, and great discovery in 1883.
Only in a moment, he may have probably wanted to be out of his mind in the same way as the ordinary parents who lost a child.
But, he must have suffered from the "sane" actualities between himself as a father and himself as a medical person with the authority.
I imagine two figures to him who faced daughter's "death".
One, the figure of dignified him who tries to accept daughter's "death" as a medical person.
More one is the figure of him who lost sanity as a father.
He knows whether what kind of physiological accident happened in his daughter's body and it reached death in the cause clearly.
In such a misfortune, what kind of feeling did Ringer hold his daughter who died by?

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Sydney Ringer Field Note produced by LISA INOUE copyright (C) LISA INOUE