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bettilt apostas 投稿者:Aja 投稿日:2022/07/01(Fri) 19:08 No.4105693 ID:uKMas/3gb5o home   

Football is the most famous gameon the planet. Interest massive. Hundreds of millions of fans watch games of idols. Attention rising planned.

Of course for the specified sport can make a bet in a bookmaker's office. Quickly introduce development of football.

Development of discipline

Football originated several centuries BC. Disciplines with a ball in demand among citizens of many states. They were applied in:
• Ancient China;
• Sparta;
• Ancient Rome.
Italians developed discipline. During the Middle Ages they introduced to the world the game "Calcio". With the growth trade relations, it came to England. Interest in sport formed instantly. By Popularity "Calcio" surpassed cricket.

First rules

Popularity public appeared naturally. Discipline captivated with its dynamics. Passion on the field occurred serious. Such a scenario permitted rules of football:
1. 2 squads.
2. 25 people each.
3. 15 forwards.
4. Right to fistfights.
English created own rules. At first discipline didn't unify. In some places allowed to throw ball with hands, in others it was forbidden.
The first attempt to unification occurred in 1846. Conditions demanded momentary response. players from different colleges entered the field on the field as part of the tournament. Each player worked in accordance with acceptedrules. Outcome did not inspire optimism. However, athletes were fix a single set of rules.
First standardization became positive. Participation public intensified. As a result in England there was the first specialized club. Team renamed "Sheffield". It happened in 1857.
After 6 years appeared The Football Association of England. It quickly created a standard set of rules games.

Modern outline

Over time the game developed. Created requirements for the field. Standardized dimensions of the gate.
Important year became 1871. At that time originated the FA Cup. Tournament - oldest in the world.
1891 - year appearances in football kick from 11 meters. However, from modern this strike is. Now shoot penalties from point. Earlier penetration was done from the line.
Discipline evolved. Love grew. As a result in the 1880s, the number of teams passed over a hundred. Among the public began appear rumors. Many players felt that certain teams pay members incentives. At that time sports could be only amateur. According to the results norms changed. They added a clause prohibiting players to receive remuneration.
Began sequence denunciations. Teams accused each other. Some clubs left the league. Later norm cancelled.

International development

Development of trade relations increased penetration of discipline to other countries. Following the results sport started regulated at the international level. FIFA appeared in 1904. At the start association consisted of 7 countries.
Unified norms clothing did not exist. Players was required to wear:
• headdress;
• shoes;
• long stockings;
• pants.

Standard entered later. Initially footballers played without license plates. They arose only in 1939.
First international tournament held at the beginning of the last century. Football added to the Olympiad. Participated total England, France, Belgium.
Football flourished in the 1950. In the world started playing Pele, Yashin and other players.

google 投稿者:Marcia 投稿日:2022/07/01(Fri) 19:08 No.4105692 ID:QhMZnPn0LbQ home   

Thanks a lot! Excellent stuff.

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