created: 1997.11.25, modified: 1998.10.03

Rj's map for M2 / Infinity
These maps were designed to play solo.
Put the downloaded map file into your Marathon Infinity/Marathon 2 folder and select it as a Map in PREFERENCES-Environment.
I take no responsibility for any troubles caused by these maps.Try them at your own risk.

...I hope you can play comfortably. ;-)

# Rj's map for M2(8 levels chosen from among the 10 for Infinity) is fit for Infinity as well. There's agravedifference in ...... texture appearance... (That's all, almost.)

にほんご (Japanese)
落としたmapをMarathon Infinity或いはMarathon 2フォルダの中に入れて、ゲームのPREFERENCESのEnvironmentでMapとして選んで遊んで下さい。
・・・ちゃんと遊べるといいのですが。 ;-)

# Rj's map for M2 (Infinity用の10面から8つ選んだものです)は、Infinityでも遊べます。M2で遊ぶ場合と、一箇所とんでもない違いがあります・・・壁紙がチガウ・・・(それだけか、と。)

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