2000 US-Japan All Star Series

November 12 at Tokyo Dome (audience 40,000)
Tomohiro Kuroki started for the 2nd time, and Kenichi Wakatabe carried on. It was a competitive game where Hideki Matsui batted 3 base hits. But what was most outrageous was Barry Bonds homer. He slammed his 4th in the series. Kazuhiro Sasaki pitched the final inning, and the US won 5 to 4 and Bonds MVP.

November 11 at Seibu Dome (audience 27,000)
Seibu Lions' Daisuke Matsuzaka was initially to start the game. But since he is suspended from participating in any activities due to illegal driving, parking and worst having a 3rd person take the blame. Instead, it was his teammate Taka Ishii. In the 2nd inning, Tokyo Giants' Hideki Matsui homered his first in the series. But Ishii was in a total mess in the 4th inning. He gave up 8 runs including a homer by Barry Bonds. The US side won a whopping 13 to 5. And the winner was awarded 40 million yen bonus.

November 9 at Nagoya Dome (audience 36,000)
The starter for Japan, Hisanori Takahashi of the Tokyo Giants hurled scoreless long innings and took out 7. For the US side, it was Randy Johnson. He struck out 7 too. It was a very competitive. It was Michita Ogasawara of the Nippon Ham Fighters doubled to give Japan a 1 to 0 victory.

November 8 at Osaka Dome (audience 48,000)
The Tigers Tetsuro Kawajiri pitched well before giving up consecutive hits to Roberto Alomar, Omar Vizquel and Barry Bonds. In the 7th inning, Japan managed to score a run. But the Major League players defeated the opponents 5 to 1.

November 7 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 38,000)
Tomohiro Kuroki of the Chiba Lotte Marines started. He went pitched 5 innings and struck out 8. He did give up a run to Sandy Alomar. But the Japan side kept its lead until Kenichi Wakatabe of the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks came in to ruin the game. Barry Bonds batted the game into a tie, and the game ended 2 to 2.

November 5 at Tokyo Dome (audience 34,000 )
Olympic swimming star Yasuko Tajima hurled the opening pitch. In the first inning, Japan batted in runs after another. Pacific League home run king Norihiro Nakamura, blasted his first homer in the series. Livan Hernandez gave up 8 runs in only 2 innings. The game finished a whopping 14 to 2 for Japan.

November 4 at Tokyo Dome (audience 43,000)
Arizona Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson started the game to the delight to the players. Most expressed astonishment toward Johnson's pitches saying that the ball seemed to be hurled at a close up. Johnson gave up 2 runs but struck out 7 in 3 innings. The game went on as a close one. In the bottom of the final inning, Omar Vizquel of the Cleveland Indians slammed a game winning homer to give the US a 7 to 5 victory.

November 3 at Tokyo Dome (audience 41,000 )
The first to bat, Alomar of the homered off the Giants Hisanori Takahashi. He was homered by 2 others. But the most amazing home run was blasted by Barry Bonds. The Japanese side batted in runs with base hits, but could not catch up with the US side. In the final inning, Seattle Mariners Kazuhiro Sasaki was summoned to pitch. He took all 3 batters out. US won 8 to 5.