2002 US-Japan All Star Series

November 17 at Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Giants' Koji Uehara started for the 2nd time in the series. This time, he gave up 2 runs in 5 innings including an RBI to Seattle Mariners' Ichiro. Ichiro had 4 hits and stole base. He won the game's MVP. In the same game, in the 8th inning, Oakland Athletics Eric Chavez homered. The MLB team clinched the game 4 to 2, to win the series after losing 3 straight games to Japan. Minnesota Twins Torii Hunter won the series MVP. After the game, fans remained to catch a final glimpse of Tokyo Giants' Hideki Matsui. Matsui is a free agent, and is likely to join a MLB team soon.

November 16 at Tokyo Dome
In the first inning, New York Yankees' Jason Giambi hit in the team's first RBI. On the Japanese team side, Kazuo Matsui homered. In fact he had another homer later. Another Yankees Bernie William blasted a single in the 8th inning. The MLB side succeeded in keeping the lead by fighting off the Japan team's attacks. It clinched the game 12 to 7. MVP went to LA Dodgers Eric Gagne who closed the game.

November 15 at Tokyo Dome
Before the game, a home run race was held between San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds and Tokyo Giants Hideki Matsui. Bonds clinched it with 8, while Matsui 5. The starting pitcher was Randy Wolf of the Philadelphia Phillies. He hurled a shut out 6 innings and won the game's MVP. In the 4th inning, Bonds doubled for an RBI. In the 5th, Arizona Diamondbacks' Junior Spivey singled a homer. Ichiro of the Seattle Mariners also contributed to hit home a runner. To the dismay of fans, Hideki Matsui did not have any base hits. Japan lost for the 2nd game in a row 0 to 4.

November 14 at Sapporo Dome
Seattle Mariners'Ichiro was at last hitting like he always did. He hit himself on base 3 times. As to the flow of the game, in the 5th inning, New York Yankees' Jason Giambi homered. But the Japan side, Kintetsu Buffaloes' Norihiro Nakamura blasted a 2 run the bottom of that inning. In the 6th inning, bases were loaded, and San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds swung the ball into the stands. For the first time in the series, the MLB side defeated the Japan all stars. It was a 6 to 5 game.

November 12 at Osaka Dome
The game already in the first inning was powerful. Norihiro Nakamura who's expected to leave the Kintetsu Buffaloes exploded with a 3 run homer. It was off Montreal Expos' Japanese starter Tomokazu Ohka. San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds who learned that he was chosen National League MVP homered too. Seattle Mariners' Ichiro for the first time got a base hit during the series. In the end the Japan side won again 8 to 6.

November 11 at Fukuoka Dome
Japan's starter Chunichi Dragons' Kenshin Kawakami gave up a 2 run homer to San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds. But that was his only loss during the 6 innings he pitched. Meanwhile, the Japanese hitters stormed back taking the lead already in the 4th inning with Nippon Ham Fighters Michihiro Ogasawara's tie breaking single. Then, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks'Hiroki Kokubo homered a 2 run. In the 5th inning, Seibu Lions Alex Cabrera had his 2nd in the series. Japanese all stars beat the MLB side 8 to 2. The only dismay to Japanese fans is that Ichiro has not had a base hit yet.

November 10 at Tokyo Dome
The Japanese all stars blasted. It all started with the Hanshin Tigers' Makoto Imanaka's homerurn in the 3rd inning. Tokyo Giants' Hideki Matsui doubled to earn 2 RBIs. In the 5th inning, the MLB side at last scored with Minnesota Twins Torii Hunter's home run. But overall, Japan's starter Koji Uehara of the Giants did well, striking out 8, including 3 strike outs from San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds. In the 7th inning, Seibu Lions' Alex Cabrera homered. In the end, the Japan all star team won 8 to 4.

November 9 at Tokyo Dome
The MLB all stars faced the Tokyo Giants for its first game in Japan. San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds homered, and he was followed by New York Yankees Jason Giambi's homer. And that wasn't all. Both homered again. Tokyo Giants was only able to avoid a shut out defeat, with Shinnosuke Abe's RBI in the final inning. The game ended 8 to 1 for the MLB side. Bonds was selected MVP of the game.
Michiyo's Note: Unfortunately, Benito Santiago did not join the geam in Japan.

Pre all star games
Ichiro will return
It was learned the Ichiro Suzuki will play for the first time at home since playing for the Seattle Mariners. Also, Tomokazu Ooka of the Montreal Expos is expected to play too. Others on the roster as of Oct 3 include SF Giants Barry Bonds, Benito Santiago. More will be announced later.

Matsui wins most votes
It was learned on Sept 28 that the Giants Hideki Matsui gained 59,504 votes to top all the players in Japan. In all, 10 were selected based on votes.