Final standing in the interleague
1.Nippon Ham Fighters
2.Yomiuri Giants
3.Yokohama Bay Stars
4.Chiba Lotte Marines
5.Chunichi Dragons
5.Orix Buffaloes
7.Rakuten Golden Eagles
8.Tokyo Yakult Swallows
8. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
10.Hanshin Tigers
11.Seibu Lions
12.Hiroshima Toyo Carp

INTERLEAGUE MVP:Ryan David Glynn (Fighters)

June 26
The BayStars Toshihisa Nishi and Takuro Ishii homered to take he team to a 3 to 2 win over the Fighters. The Golden Eagles starter Masahiro Tanaka hurled 7 innings giving up 4 runs to the Giants and won his 5th game.

June 25
The BayStars Kimiyasu Kudo started and won his 2nd game of the season in a 4 to 2 game against the Marines.

June 24
The Marines catcher Tomoya Satozaki grandslammed to defeat the Swallows. The Golden Eagles Takeshi Yamasaki homered his 27th and his team beat the Carp. The Hawks Hiroki Kokubo homered twice again the Dragons and won. The Lions beat the Giants. The Fighters defeated the Tigers. The BayStars managed to defeat the Buffaloes.

June 23
The Tigers Tomoaki Kanemoto slammed a 3 run home run. But the Fighters casught up and on Eeichi Koyano's 2 run home run won, and also clinched the title in the interleague. The Giants Hisanori Takahashi managed to overcome the death of his father 2 days ago by winning his 10th game beating the Lions. The Swallows clobbered the Marines 17 to 3. The BayStars Daisuke Miura hurled over the distance to beat the Buffaloes. The Carps Hiroki Kurada also threw over the distance in a game against the Golden Eagles.

June 19
The Giants faced the Marines which it's faired badly against. But in this game, with homers by Yoshinobu Takahashi, Shinnosuke Abe and Damon Hollins, managed to win 5 to 2. The Fighters Fernando Seguignol exploded with 3 home runs and help defeat the Carp 10 to 6. The Lions Akira Etoh grand slammed fo his team's 9 to 2 win over the Swallows. The BayStars Tatsuhiko Kinjo drove in a 3 run homer for his team's 5 to 0 win over the Hawks. The Dragons beat the Buffaloes. The Tigers defeated the Golden Eagles.

June 17
It was a dramatic day for 3 teams. The Fighters Naoto Inada finished the game with his RBI against the Dragons. The Buffaloes Chad Allen homered in the 10th inning to beat the Swallows. The Lions Yasuyuki Kataoka hit in a run to beat the Carp. The Marines and the Tigers finished with a draw. The Golden Eagles defeated the BayStars. The Giants Yoshitomo Tani hit in a game winning run to beat the Hawks.

June 16
The Tigers clinched a game which it was behind the Marines by 5 runs until the 9th inning. The Giants Yoshinobu Takahashi blasted a 3 run home run to defeat the Hawks. The Lions Kazuhiro Wada and Hiroyuki Nakajima slammed 3 runs each to beat the Carp. The Swallows Seth Greisinger pitched well and helped his team defeat the Buffaloes. The Dragons Kenshin Kawakami pitched and won a competitive game against the Fighters started by Yu Darvish. The Golden Eagles lost to the BayStars.

June 14
The Marines clobbered the Carp in a 14 to 4 game. The Hawks managed to defeat the Swallows. The Giants Shinnosuke Abe grand slammed. He had another homer too and took his team to a victory over the Buffaloes. The Golden Eagles and the Dragons finished a draw. The Fighters and the BayStars ended a 5 hour 50 minute game a draw. The Lions beat the Tigers.

June 13
The Marines beat the Carp. The Hawks won against the Swallows. And because the Fighters lost to the BayStars, the Hawks surged to 2nd place in the Pacific League. The Golden Eagles rookie Masahiro Tanaka shut out the Dragons by hurling over the distance. The Buffaloes Tom Davey started. Tuffy Rhondes homered twice to defeat the Giants.

June 11
The Giants pinch hitter Kenji Yano homered to take his team to a 1 to 0 win over the Fighters. The Hawks beat the Tigers also 1 to 0. The Carp's newcomer Tsuyoshi Kida hit in a run to help his team beat the Buffaloes. The Lions lost again. It's 2 to 5 against the BayStars. The Golden Eagles suffered its 4th loss in a row, facing a 5 to 7 defeat to the Swallows. The Dragons defeated the Marines for its 4th win in a row.

June 10
The Fighters Fernando Seguignol slammed a 2 run home run to beat the Giants 3 to 2. The Golden Eagles Takeshi Yamasaki blasted his 25th home run, but his team lost to the Swallows. The Tigers Lin Wei Tzu helped his team win over the Hawks with his 3 run home run. The Carp suffered its 5th loss in a row in the game against the Buffaloes. The Lions succumbed to its 9th loss in a row against the BayStars. The Dragons beat the Marines.

June 9
The Giants Shinnosuke Abe for the first time was named to bat 4th. This is a prestigious position. And he responded with 2 run and 3 run homers to clobber the Golden Eagles. The Fighters winning streak ended in a game against the Swallows despite the fact ace pitcher Yu Darvish struck out 11. The Hawks on Nobuhiko Matsunaka's 3 run home run beat the Carp. Dragons beat the Lions. The BayStars defeated the Marines. The Buffaloes beat the Tigers.

June 8
The Fighters won its 14th game in a row by beat the Swallows. The Marines won its 4th in a row defeating the BayStars. The Giants held a memorial even to commemorate its 5000th win with the stars of the 70s on base, including Shigeo Nagashima. And the team managed to beat the Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles beat the Carp. The Tigers clinched the game against the Buffaloes when Takashi Toritani was hit by the pitch. The Dragons clinched the game against the Lions.

June 6
Fernando Seguignol and Inaba's home runs helped the Fighters defeat the Carp again. The Hawks lost again to the BayStars. The Swallows won again against the Lions and Kazuhisa Ishii won his 5th game. The Buffaloes won its 4th game in a row by beating the Dragons. The Golden Eagles super rookie Masahiro Tanaka won his 3rd game with his team defeating the Tigers 11 to 1. The Marines beat the Giants.

June 5
The Fighters won again defeating the Carp 2 to 0. Hayato Terahara of the BayStars clinched a win from his former team the Hawks. The Buffaloes Hirotoshi Kitagawa took his team to a 4 to 3 win against the Dragons to finish the game with his RBI hit. The Swallows beat the Lions. The Tigers beat the Golden Eagles in the 11th inning. The Marines overwhelmed the Giants in 9th straight games.

June 3
The Fighters clinched its 11th win in a row by beating the Tigers. The Giants marked its 5th win in a row in a 4 to 1 game against the Lions. The Hawks Hiroki Kokubo grand slammed, and Toshiya Sugiuchi earned a league leading 9th win. It's in the game against the Dragons. The Marines Shunsuke Watanabe hurled over the distance and defeated the Swallows. The Golden Eagles lost to the Carp this time. The Buffaloes Tuffy Rhodes homered to take his team to a 6 to 2 win over the BayStars.

June 2
The Giants Hisanori Takahashi won his 7th game be defeating the Lions. The Tigers Tomoaki Kanemoto grand slammed but lost to the Fighters. The Dragons beat the Hawks. The Golden Eagles defeated the Carp. The Buffaloes beat the BayStars 3 to 1. The Marines winning streak was ended at 5 in the game against the Swallows.

June 1
Only games which have been rained out were rescheduled for the day. The Swallows beat the Buffaloes 5 to 3. The Fighters Eiichi Koyano had in a lot of RBIs to help his team beat the BayStars.

May 31
The Giants defeated the Hawks on Kenji Yano's dramatic grand slam. The Marines was the only Pacific League team to win by beating the Carp. The Dragons Tyrone Woods, Motonobu Tanishige, Norihiro Nakamura homered for the team's 10 to 2 win over the Golden Eagles. The Swallows Seth Greisinger started and only had to pitch 5 innings because of strong rain, and won his 5th game. The Swallows defeated the Buffaloes.

May 30
Norihito Kaneto of the Giants hurled over the distance against the Hawks and won his 5th game. The Marines beat the Carp on Benny Agbayan's 2 run home run. Masahiro Tanaka started for the Golden Eagles. When he stepped down, his team was behind, but in the end his team beat the Dragons 4 to 2. The Tigers beat the Lions.

May 28
The Giants stopped the Buffaloes winning streak with Michihiro Ogasawara's 3 home runs. The Fighters extended its winning streak to 8 defeating the Dragons. The Marines beat the Tigers 1 to 0. The Hawks won against the Swallows. The Lions Hidetoshi Wakui clinched his 8th win in the game against the Carp. The Golden Eagles beat the BayStars.

May 27
The Marines beat the Tigers 14 to 3. The Hawks lost again, this time to the Swallows, so the Marines retained first place. The Buffaloes won it's 7th game in a row on Tuffy Rhodes 2 run homer against the Giants in the 11th inning. The Fighters won again, this time to the Dragons. The Golden Eagles Takeshi Yamasaki slammed 2 home runs to take his team to a 7 to 4 victory over the BayStars.

May 26
The Dragons beat the Lions while the Giants defeated the Golden Eagles, thus the ranking in the Central League did not change. As the Marines won by defeating the BayStars surged to first place, replacing the Hawks which lost to the Carp. The Buffaloes recorded its 6 win in a row by beating the Tigers. The Fighters too clinched is 6th concecutive win in a game against the Swallows.

May 25
The Dragons rose to first place, defeating the Lions as the Giants didn't play. The Hawks Nobuhiko Matsunaka was finally hitting after 19 games without hits. And his team won 7 to 3 over the Carp. The Fighters beat the Swallows in the final inning. The Buffaloes won of Tuffy Rhodes 2 run home run. It's against the Tigers.

May 23
The Golden Eagles clinched the game against the Swallows in the 10th inning 5 to 4. The Giants was close to helpless before the Fighters' Yu Darvish who hurled over the distance. The BayStar's 44 year old pitcher Kimiyasu Kudo won his first game, it's against the Lions. The Dragons defeated the Marines. The Tigers beat the Hawks. The Carp and Buffaloes finished a draw.

May 22
It's the 3rd year in a row the interleague games took off. There are less games this time or 24 games per team. In this first game of the interleague, all Pacific League teams defeated the Central League team.