Final standing in the last interleague
1.Orix Buffaloes
2.Seibu Lions
3.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
4.Chiba Lotte Marines
5.Rakuten Golden Eagles
6.Nippon Ham Fighters
7.Yomiuri Giants
8.Hanshin Tigers
9.Chunichi Dragons <
10.Hiroshima Toyo Carp
11.Tokyo Yakult Swallows
12.Yokohama Bay Stars

INTERLEAGUE MVP:Takahiro Okada (Orix Buffaloes)
June 16
The Dragons Hitoki Iwase closed the Interleague with his career total 250th save by beating the Fighters. Tony Blanco's 3 run home run gave his team the lead.

June 15
The Fighters beat the Swallows this time with Atsunori Inaba's 2 home runs. The BayStars Seiichi Uchikawa grand slammed nd his team beat the Hawks to end its losing streak at 9.

June 14
The Swallows Jamie D'Antona homered twice to help his team beat the Fighters, and his team clinched its 5th win in a row.

June 13
The Buffaloes beat the BayStars with T Okada's 2 run home run, while the Lions lost from Carp's Justin Huber's 2 run home run. And as a result the Buffaloes became this year's interleague champion. In other games, the Golden Eagles lost to the Swallows. The Marines clinched the game against the Tigers in the 10th inning on Tadahito Iguchi's home run. The Hawks Nobuhiko Matsunaka grand slammed to beat the Giants. The Fighters Bobby Keppel shut out the Dragons.

June 12
The Golden Eagles Hisashi Iwakuma gave up 4 runs in a game tarnished by restless fans. One fell from the backfield fence. Another dashed onto the ground. His team lost to the Swallows. The Fighters Atsunori Inaba slammed a 2 run then a 3 run to take his team to a victory over the Dragons. The Carp's Shigenobu Shima blasted a 3 run home run to help his team defeat the Lions. The Buffaloes Alex Caberera and T Okada homered to defeat the BayStars. Th Tigers beat the Marines, and the Waks defeated the Giants.

June 10
The Lions consecutive win stopped at 4, succumbing to Takahiro Arai's 2 run home run and Kenji Jojima's RBI. The BayStars lost its 7th game in a row, playing against the Hawks. The Carp clinched the game in the 12th inning against the Marines, batting in 5 runs. The Buffaloes Aarom Baldiris clinched the lead from the Giants with his RBI. The Swallows beat the Fighers. The Dragons defeated the Golden Eagles.

June 9
The Lions Yasuyuki Kataoka hit in a run to defeat the Tigers which gave Hideaki Wakui his 8th win. The Hawks Roberto Petagine finished the game against the BayStars with his home run. The Giants beat the Buffaloes. The Swallows defeated the Fighers. The Golden Eagles beat the Dragons.

June 7
The Giants clinched the game against the Golden Eagles in the 10th inning with Michihiro Ogasawa's sacrifice fly. The Lions Yoshito Ishii finished the game with his hit against the Dragons. The Tigers tied against the Hawks. The Marines blasted with 10 consecutive hits in 1 inning against the Swallows. The Buffaloes too recorded 10 hits in a row and had an enormous game of 21 to 10 against the Carp.

June 6
Norihiro Nakamura blasted 2 homers for the Golden Eagles. Takeshi Yamasaki also homered to help his team win over the Giants. The Lions Takayuki Kishi shut out the Dragons. The Tigers Yasutomo Kubo hurled over the distance, and beat the Hawks. The Buffaloes Keiji Ohbiki's many RBI hits helped the tame beat the Carp.

June 5
The Lions defeated the Swallows and surged to 1st place in the Pacific League, while the Marines which lost to the Dragons fell to 2nd place. The Giants had another dramatic win over the Fighters on Yoshinobu Takahashi's 3 run home run. The Hawks Tsuyoshi Wada won his 8th game already pitching 8 innings against the Carp. The Golden Eagles Randy Ruiz homered a 3 run to give his team a win over the BayStars. T Okada helped the Buffaloes beat the Tigers with his 2 RBIs.

June 4
The Giants Hayato Sakamoto homered a 2 run home run to give his team a victory over the Fighters. The Swallows Aaron Guiel slammed a 3 run home run early in the game and in the end the Swallows beat the Lions 12 to 6. The Dragons Tony Blanco finished the game against the Marines with his RBI hit in the 11th inning. The Golden Eagles clobbered the BayStars with home runs by Teppei and Takeshi Yamasaki. The Carp's Eric Stults won his 3rd game by also contributing with his bat, defeating the Hawks. The Tigers beat the Buffaloes.

June 2
The Giants lost its 4th game in a row overwhelmed by the Marines Yoshihisa Naruse's hurl over the distance. The Tigers Kenji Jojima's 3 run home run dented the Golden Eagles hope to win the game. The Buffaloes played an exciting game, equalizing with the Dragons on Hirotoshi Kitagawa's grand slam, and clinching the game with T Okada's 3 run home run. The Hawks Nobuhiko Matsunaka slammed a 3 run home run and beat the Swallows. The Lions Yoshihito Ishii brought luck to his team with his home run, and a run achieved during a wild pitch to him, to defeat the BayStars. The Carp and the Fighters tied.

June 1
The Marines Toshiaki Imae and Kim Tae-Kyun with 2 run home runs clobbered the Giants 11 to 0. Bill Murphy won his 4th game in a row. The Hawks Toshiya Sugiuchi lost its 2nd game pitching against the Swallows. The Golden Eagles Teppei took his team to a dramatic victory over the Tigers with his RBI. Kan Ohtake started for the Carp for the first time since recovering from a shoulder injury. His team defeated the Fighters. The Dragons beat the Buffaloes.

May 30
The Giants Alex Ramirez blasted with a 2 run homer and more RBIs, and his team beat the Lions again. The Golden Eagles Masahiro Tanaka overcame a tough 9th inning to secure a win against the Carp. The Buffaloes remembered the Kobe quake with its commemorative uniform and beat the Swallows. The Marines Tomoya Satozaki slammed a game winning homerun in the 11th inning to beat the BayStars. Many other game went into extra innings. The Tigers won on Takahiro Arai's sacrifice fly against the Fighters. Munenori Kawasaki finished the game by batting in a run for the Hawks and beat the Dragons.

May 29
The Giants Alex Ramirez and Shinnosuke Abe homered off the Lions and Shun Tono won his 8th game. Roberto Petagine was back playing in Japan and this time for the Hawks. He was unable to record a hit, but his team beat the Dragons. The Golden Eagles clinched the game against the Carp in the 10th inning with catcher Motohiro Shima's RBI. The Fighters Yu Darvish lost his 4th game by giving up 4 runs to the Tigers. The Swallows finally won after 9 straight losses and a draw. It's against the Buffaloes.

May 27
The Giants Yoshinobu Takahashi homered to help the Giants win over the Hawks. The Lions Craig Brazell homered number 16 and Hideaki Wakuni won his 6th game by defeating the Tigers. The Carps Kenta Maedo clinched his 8th win by shutting out the Marines. The Fighters played for the first time in 5 days due to rain outs, and beat the Dragons. The Buffaloes succumbed to its 8th loss in a row. The Swallow and Golden Eagles tied.

May 26
The Giants was battered by the Hawks. The Marines Tadahito Iguchi blasted with 2 homers to help his team defeat the Carp. The Swallows lost its 9th game in a row, forcing its skipper Shigeru Takada to resign after the game against the Golden Eagles.

May 25
Naoyuki Shimizu clinched a shut out victory for the first time since pitching for the BayStars. It's against the Hawks. The Lions Takeya Nakamura grand slammed in a competitive game against the Carp. The Tigers defeated the Marines with a shut out relay of pitchers.

May 24
The Giants Alex Ramirez slammed a league leading 16th home run which was a 2 run, and Hisayoshi Chono blasted a homer to help his team defeat the Buffaloes. The Tigers Takahiro Arai had a 2 run home run. and in the end the Tigers defeated the Marines on Kenji Jojima's sacrifice fly. The Dragons Tony Blanco's homer helped the team defeat the Golden Eagles. The Carp bet the Lions.
Michiyo's Note:Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week. Was out of the country on a business trip.

May 16
The Giants blasted with home runs. While it was in danger in the 9th inning, the Giants managed to win. The BayStars took its 6th straight loss in the game against the Lions. The Golden Eagles Masahiro Tanaka struck out 10 and his team beat the Tigers which fell to 3rd place. The Dragons won its 4th game in a row by defeating the Buffaloes. The Fighters Makoto Kaneko's home run helped the team beat the Carp. The Hawks ended a competitive game in the 11th inning and beat the Swallows.

May 15
The Giants Alex Ramirez slammed his career 300th home run, while Michihiro Ogasawara and Hayato Ogasawara also homered. Pitcher Shun Tohno secured his 7th win.It's against the Marines. The Carps Kenta Maeda shut out the Fighters in which his teammate Masato Akamatsu secured the team for his team with his RBI hit. Lions pitcher Hideaki Wakui hit in 4 RBIs for a victory over the BayStars. The Dragons beat the Buffaloes on Masaaki Koike's RBI hit. The Tigers Craig Tigers homered against the Golden Eagles ace Hisashi Iwakuma, and the Tigers won it.

May 14
In the only game of the day, the Golden Eagles clinched the game in the 10th inning with an RBI by Andy Phillips who used to play with the Carp, the team that he beat.

May 13
The Giants blasted with homers by Shinnosuke Abe, 2 homers by Hayato Sakamoto and Edgar Gonzalez to beat the Lions. It was also Tatsunori Hara's 500th victory as Giants skipper. The Marines Kazuya Fukuura was a successful pinch hitter, blasting a grand slam for his team's victory over the BayStars. The Buffaloes Alex Cabrera grand slammed to help his team defeat the Swallows. The Dragons Chen Wei-Ying was able to earn his 2nd win in the game against the Hawks. The Golden Eagles ended its losing streak at 4, by beating the Carp. Akinori Inaba's 2 run homer was one of the reasons for the Fighters victory over the Tigers.

May 12
The Lions Takayuki Kishi hurled over the distance and his Hiroyuki Nakajima homered to defeat the Giants. Naoyuki Shimizu of the BayStars started against his former team the Marines. Saburo's home run gave the Marines a win. The Buffaloes beat the Swallows 2 to 1. The Dragons leading hitter Masahiko Morino contributed with 3 RBIs to defeat the Hawks. Fighters starting pitcher Bobby Keppel hurled over the distance and Atsunori Inaba slammed a homerun and an RBI hit.