World Series: Oct 27
Matsuzaka started in Game 3 of the World Series. He lost a base hit to the Colorado Rockies Kaz Matsui. But was able to contain the others. He himself helped himself by hitting in 2 runs in the 3rd inning. In the 5th inning, he walked 2 players and he was off the mound with a lead. His team kept the lead and won 10 to 5. So Matsuzaka earned a win in the World Series. The next game, his team won, thus ending the World Series with the Red Sox winning 4-0. And Matsuzaka announced that day that he was expecting his 2nd child.

Championship Series: Oct 21
Like it or not, it's the last game of the series. Matsuzaka was given the honor to start the game. He started out well. But in the 4th inning, he gave up a run. In the 5th too, through a sacrifice fly. But he lasted 5 full innings this time. And his team was leading. His teammates blasted thereafter, ending the game 11 to 2 over the Cleveland Indians, and clinching the series.

Championship Series: Oct 15
Matsuzaka started for the first time in this series. In the 2nd inning, he gave up a 2 run home run to Kenny Lofton. He lost 2 more runs in the 5th inning. He lasted only 4 2/3 innings. His team lost 2 to 4 to the Cleveland Indians. It's the Indians 2nd win in the series.

Playoff series:Oct 5
Matsuzaka started in the 2nd game of the playoffs. In the 2nd inning, he faced trouble, walking and then losing runs. He was removed from the mound after 4 2/3 innings. But his team had a dramatic win with Manny Ramirez's home run in the 9th inning, defeating the Los Angeles Angels 6 to 3.

Sept 28
Matsuzaka started and this time pitched well. He lasted 8 innings, giving up 2 runs. He struck out 8. He clinched his 15th win, in a 5 to 2 game over the Minnesota Twins. The Red Sox after this game waited for the result of the Yankees. The Yankees lost, and the Red Sox secured its league title.

Sept 22
Matsuzaka gave up 5 runs in 6 2/3 innings. His team team beat the DevilRays in the end 8 to 6. But Matsuzaka was not given the credit.

Sept 14
For the first time Matsuzaka gave up a run to NY Yankees Hideki Matsui. He in all lost 2 runs in 5 2/3 inning. So it was an improvement from past games. But closure gave up more runs with the Red Sox ending up with a 7 to 8 loss.

Sept 8
Matsuzaka got in a mess. He walked runners and gave up a grand slam, leaving the mound in just 3 2/3 innings. The Red Sox lost 5 to 11 against the Baltimore Orioles. Matsuzaka succumbed to his 12th loss.

Sept 3
Matsuzaka was in trouble in the 6th inning. He gave up a 3 run home run. And was taken off the mound. In 5 1/3 innings he gave up 7 runs. But his team was taking the lead, and won 13 to 10 over the Toronto Blue Jays. Matsuzaka earned his 14th win.

Aug 28
Matsuzaka was homered by the Yankees Derek Jeter, by Johnny Damon. The Red Sox lost 3 to 5 to the N.Y. Yankees. It's Matsuzaka's 11th loss.

Aug 23
It seemed like a smooth game for Matsuzaka unti the 6th inning. He gave up a 2 run home run. And that hurt his team which lost 1 to 2 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Matsuzaka took his 10th loss.

Aug 15
Matsuzaka had a tough time against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Akinori Iwamura, giving up 2 base hits leading to a run. Matsuzaka lost 6 runs in all in 6 innings, and as his team lost 6 to 5, he suffered his 9th loss.

Aug 10
Matsuzaka lost a run in the first inning. But that was all during the 7 innings he pitched. He struck out 7. But Eric Gagnier did not pitch well. Hideki Okajima also lost runs. The Red Sox lost 5 to 6 to the Baltimore Orioles.

July 29
Matsuzaka gave up a homerun in the 7th inning. And that cost him a loss. It was a 2 to 5 game against the Tampa Bay DevilRays.

July 24
Matsuzaka was able to shut out the Cleveland Indians during 7 innings he's pitched. The Red Sox barely won 1 to 0. It's Matsuzaka's 12th win.

July 19
Matsuzaka walked 6. In 5 0/3 innings he gave up 3 runs. As the Red Sox lost 2 to 4 against the Chicago White Sox, Matsuzaka had to take the loss.

July 14
Matsuzaka gave up 4 runs in 6 innings, but thanks to the support of his teammates, he earned his 11th win in a 9 to 4 game.

July 8
Matsuzaka succumbed to 3 home runs and he lost 6 runs in 5 innings. The Red Sox lost 5 to 6 against the Detroit Tigers and it's Matsuzaka 6th loss.

July 3
Matsuzaka faced for the first time Akinori Iwamura who played for the Yakult Swallows in Japan. He struck out Iwamura 3 times. He actually pitched well, shutting out the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 8 innings he pitched. He earned his 10th win in a 4 to 1 game.

June 27
Matsuzaka lost an RBI hit to Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners in the 3rd inning. And that was the only run he suffered. He pitched 8 innings. In the end though, his team lost 2 to 1.

June 22
Matsuzaka had a shaky start. He walked 3 and lost a run. But he recovered after that and lasted 6 inning. His team beat the San Diego Padres 2 to 1. Matsuzaka earned his 9th win.

June 16
The Japanese media's attention was on Matsuzaka facing Barry Bonds. He walked Bonds once, but thereafter was able to take him out. Matsuzaka was able to pitch a shut out 7 inning. He was given his 8th win in a 1 to 0 game against the S.F. Giants.

June 10
Matsuzaka not only was the starting pitcher. He batted for the first time in the MLB. He faced Randy Johnson but struck out. He didn't pitch to bad. In 6 innings, he gave up 2 runs. But his team in the end lost 1 to 5 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Matsuzaka had to take his 5th loss.

June 5
It was in the 4th inning, the Oakland Athletics Eric Chavez homered off Matsuzaka. He gave up an RBI in the 5th inning too. And since his team did not support him with the bat, Matsuzaka suffered his 4th loss in a game which ended 0 to 2.

May 30
This time there was no report of Matsuzaka being ill. But he did not pitch well. He was clobbered in the 6th inning. He lasted 5 2/3 innings, and gave up 6 tuns. The Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians 4 to 8, and Matsuzaka suffered his 3rd loss.

May 25
Matsuzaka was in terrible shape. He suffered from nausea during the game, and his condition was really bad during the 4th inning win he gave up 2 home runs. But hit team supported him and won 10 to 6 over the Texas Rangers.

May 19
It was not an easy game for Matsuzaka, as he constantly had runners on base. In the 7th inning alone he gave up 3 runs. He lasted 8 innings. His team won 13 to 3 against the Atlanta Braves, and Matsuzaka collected his 6th win.

May 14
For the first time Matsuzaka hurled over the distance, and won his 5th game. The Red Sox won 7 to 1 over the Detroit Tigers.

May 9
Matsuzaka trained very hard before this game, by focusing on running and throwing more than 100 pitches at a one time practice. And it reflected on his performance. He pitched 7 innings giving up only 1 run. He picked up his 4th win in a 9 to 3 game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

May 3
Matsuzaka walked the Seattle Mariners Ichiro and gave up a steal. From there he was out of control. He lost 5 runs in the first inning. He recovered but again lost 2 runs. He lasted on 5 innings. Still the Red Sox won 8 to 7.

Apr 27
Matsuzaka for the first time faced Japanese slugger Hideki Matsui in the U.S. He walked Matsui once but did not give up a hit. Matsuzaka was in trouble in the 4th inning walking 3 consecutive players. He lost 4 runs in 6 innings, but as his teammates blasted, was able to win the game which ended 11 to 4 over the NY Yankees.

Apr 22
In the first inning already, Matsuzaka lost runs to the NY Yankees. In the 3rd inning, he gave up another run. But his teammates slammed 4 homers for the lead. But in the next inning, Derek Jeter homered off him to equalize. He lost another run in the 6th inning. But thanks to Mike Lowell's 2nd home run, Matsuzaka earned his 2nd win in a 7 to 6 game.

Apr 17
Matsuzaka was in trouble in the 4th inning. He walked 3 and lost a run. In all, he gave up 2 runs in 6 inning, and struck out 10. It was not a bad performance. But as his team lost 1 to 2 against the Toronto Blue Jays, Matsuzaka succumbed to his 2nd loss.

April 11
It was a historic moment for Matsuzaki as he faced his hero, Ichiro for the first time in 7 years. And Ichiro indeed was the first he faced on this day. He started out with a curve ball. In this time at bat, and following this, Matsuzaka took Ichiro out. But he lost two 2 base hits to another Japanese, Kenji Jojima. Matsuzaka gave up 3 runs in 7 inning. As his team lost 0 to 3, he had to take the loss.

April 5
Matsuzaka started for the first time. It's against the Kansas City Royals. His first pitch was 150km/hr. He achieved his first strike-out in the 2 inning. In the 4th, he struck out all 3 hitters. But in the 6th inning, he gave up a home run to David DeJesus.He hurled 7 innings, striking out in all, 10 in 108 pitches. His team won 4 to 1.
Michiyo's Note: The media coverage in Japan is wild. They are so excited, they've asked comments from pro baseball players in Japan to politicians.

Matsuzaka signs with Red Sox
On the day of the deadline, Japan's ace pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka reached an agreement with the Boston Red Sox on Dec 14. What he seems to have pushed for most was support for his family--his wife and daughter so he could stay focused on baseball. He is estimated to have signed for 52 million dollar for a 6 year contract. His number is 18.