Sept 28
In the final game of the season, Ichiro had a 2 base hit in the first inning. In the 7th he hit himself on base. He was 2 hits short of reaching the Japan record of 3085 hits held by Isao Harimoto. The Mariners lost the final game 4 to 3 over the Oakland Athletics.

Sept 17
Ichiro had a 2 base hit in the 3rd inning. In the 5th, he singled and in the 8th, he recorded his 200th base hit of the season. He has achieved a great record of 200 base hits 8 years in a row. He tied with a record set by Wee Willie Keeler ub 1901.

Sept 10
Ichiro got to first in the 1st inning. In the 4th, 6th and 7th innings, he had a base hit each. His team beat the Texas Rangers 8 to 7.

Sept 5
In this game Ichiro had 2 base hits. His team beat the Yankees 3 to 1.

Aug 30
Ichiro had 3 base hits. His team also won 4 to 3 over the Cleveland Indians.

Aug 25
Ichiro hurled a lazer beam ball to kill a runner at home. His team also won 4 to 2 against the Minnesota Twins.

Aug 24
Ichiro's RBI hit helped his team beat the Oakland Athletics 8 to 4.

Aug 21
It's the 2nd game in a row Ichiro had 3 hits. But his team lost again. It's 0 to 2 to the Oakland Athletics.

July 29
Ichiro hit himself to 1st on the first pitch by Luis Mendosa. This is his 3000th career hit combining both 1278 in Japan and in MLB. In Japan, only Isao Harimoto has more hits of 3085. Ichiro had another base hit. But his team lost 10 to 11 to the Texas Rangers.

July 27
Ichiro had a single, and a 3 base hit. His team's losing streak was ended at 7 with a 5 to 1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

July 22
Ichiro faced Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Boston Red Sox 3 times. He was unable to get himself on base until the 8th inning when he doubled. The Red Sox won 4 to 2.

July 15: All Star Game
Ichiro was on the starting line up. He hit himself on base once with 3 times opportunity at bat. In the 4th inning, from outfield, he showed a laser beam throw to 2nd base and killed a runner. The final game held at the famed Yankee stadium was historic. In the 15th inning, the American League clinched the game 4 to 3.

July 2
Ichiro ran well to first base. He had 3 base hits in all. The Marines beat the Toronto BlueJays 4 to 2.

June 29
Ichiro was awesome. He had a base hit at all 5 times at bat. It's his total 100 base hits this season. His team won 9 to 2 against the San Diego Padres.

May 27
Ichiro started with a 2 base hit of the Boston Red Sox's Daisuke Matsuzaka. In the 3rd inning, he hit himself on base, and was eventually able to come home. His team in the end beat the Red Sox 4 to 3.

May 11
Ichiro had a 2 base hit in the first inning, but as the Chicago White Sox fumbled with the ball, he went to 3rd, and eventually came home. It's Ichiro's hit in 11 games in a row. Ichiro also had a base hit in the 3rd inning and stole to 2nd. The Mariners won 6 to 3.

May 3
Ichiro drove in a run to equalize with the NY Yankees. He stole base too. But in the end, his team lost 1 to 6.

May 2
Ichiro hit himself on base in the 6th inning. He stole base twice. But his team failed to defeat the NY Yankees in a game which ended 1 to 5.

May 1
Ichiro recorded his career 2901 hit to tie with Japan's 2nd best record. He had 2 more base hits. But he could not celebrate his record as his team lost to the Cleveland Indians in the 11th inning 2 to 3.

Apr 8
Ichiro had 3 base hits, including one which he won with his speed. The Mariners beat the Cincinnatti Reds 6 to 5.

Apr 7
Ichiro homered in the first inning. He also hit himself on base in the 7th. But his team lost 4 to 5 against the Baltimore Orioles. It's the Marines 4th loss in a row.

Apr 1
It's the Mariners 2nd game of the season. In the first inning, Ichiro had his first hit of the season. He had 2 more hits. But his team lost to the Texas Rangers 4 to 5.