Ichiro awarded Gold Glove
It was announced on Nov 10, that he won the award for the 9th consecutive year.

Oct 4
It was Ichiro's last game of the season. He got himself on base 3 times. He finished with .352, just missing the change to win the title. The Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 2 to 1

Sept 22
Ichiro slammed a 2 run home run in the 5th inning. It helped his team beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4 to 3.

Sept 18
Ichiro had hits after hits. And he wrapped up the game with a 2 run home run. The Mariners clinched the game 3 to 2 over the NY Yankees.

Sept 17
Ichiro finished the game with his bat in the 14th inning, hitting home a runner. He also had another hit in the game. The Mariners beat the Chicago White Sox 4 to 3.

Sept 13
Ichiro played a double header. In the first game he had an RBI 2 base hit. His 199th hit of the season. The Mariners lost to 7 to the Texas Rangers. In the next game, he hit himself on base, marking his 200th hit. It's the 9th straight year he hit 200, breaking the MLB record.

Sept 12
Ichiro had a 2 base hit in the first inning. In the 3rd, he homered, and helped the Mariners win 8 to 3 over the Texas Rangers.

Sept 6
Ichiro has been consistently hitting base hits in past games. The day finally came,and very quickly for him to mark his 2000th career hit in the US. It's in the 1st inning. He doubled. But his team lost 2 to 5 to the Oakland Athletics.

Sept 2
Ichiro again had 2 base hits. One of them on a grounded ball, requiring him to race to 1st base. Not easy for a man who's still not in good shape. But his team won again 3 to 0 over the LA Angels.

Sept 1
Ichiro was finally back playing in the game after missing 9, recovering from a pain in his left leg. And he was already hitting well. He had 2 base hits. His team beat the LA Angels 2 to 1.

Aug 19
Ichiro slammed a 2 run home run. He singled as well. He contributed to the Mariners 3 to 1 win over the Detroit Tigers.

Aug 18
Ichiro was amazing with 3 singles and a 2 base hit. His team however lost to the Detroit Tigers 3 to 5.

Aug 5
In the 4th inning, Ichiro hit in a run. He also had a base hit in the 6th inning. He helped his team win 11 to 6 over the Kansas City Royals.

July 28
Ichiro achieved something he never did in the US. He finished the game with a single for his team's win in the 9th inning, with bases full. The Mariners won 4 to 3 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

All Star Game in St Louis
Ichiro appeared in the game for the 9th time on Jul 14. He was even on the starting line up. He hit himself on base and paved the way for his team to hit in runs. American League beat the National League 4 to 3.
Michiyo's Note: Ichiro said after the game he received President Barack Obama's autograph, and Obama said he was Ichiro's fan.

July 2
The stadium was in shock, when Ichiro dropped Hideki Matsui's fly ball. But he recovered his mistake with his bat, with 2 hits. The Mariners beat the NY Yankess 8 to 4.

June 30
Ichiro had 2 hits, stole base 3 times. But his team was unable to defeat the Yankees, losing 5 to 8.

June 27
Ichiro continues to hit well. In the game he had 3 hits, and the Mariners beat the LA Dodgers 5 to 1.

June 21
Ichiro was in great shape. On this day he tripled in the 3rd inning. He got himself on first base hi the 5th and the 9th innings. Ichiro's batting average improved to .358. His team clinched the game too from the Arizona Diamondbacks 3 to 2.

June 11
Ichiro faced Koji Uehara for the first time in the majors. In the 3rd inning he hit off a double. In the 5th he tripled. The Mariners beat the Baltimore Orioles 6 to 3.

June 7
Ichiro had 2 base hits. With these hits, Ichiro's hitting average reached .356. He's become the leading hitter in the league. His team defeated the Minnesota Twins agains 4 to 2.

June 6
Ichiro's hitting streak ended in the previous game. But in this game he blasted with 3 hits and contributed to the Mariners 2 to 1 win over the Minnesota Twins.

June 3
Ichiro extended his record further with a base hit in the 3rd inning. In the 9th inning he was walked. And he contributed with that as his team hit in a run to defeat the Baltimore Orioles 3 to 2.

June 2
Ichiro broke his own record with a single in the first inning. He had another base hit. The Mariners defeated the Baltimore Orioles 8 to 2.

June 1
Ichiro tied with his hitting streak of 25 consecutive games with a 2 base hit. His team lost the game to the Baltimore Orioles 0 to 1.

May 31
Ichiro was fabulous. He had a double, a single, and a home run. He tried for a triple in the 8th inning but it turned out to be a double. His team, however lost to the LA Angels 8 to 9.

May 29
In the 3rd inning, Ichiro hit in a run. In the 7th, he doubled. His team beat the LA Angels 5 to 2. His consecutive base hit has been extended to 22 games.

May 27
In the first inning, Ichiro doubled. In the 9th he had a base hit. His consecutive base hit record has been extended to 21 games. The Mariners won the game 6 to 1 over the Oakland Athletics.

May 15
Ichiro was awesome, slamming 2 home runs and an RBI hit. The Mariners won 5 to 4 over the Boston Red Sox.

May 7
Ichiro continues to hit well. In this game he had 3 hits. But his team lost to the Kansas City Royals 1 to 3.

May 3
It's a super competitive game. In the 7th inning Ichiro tied the game with an RBI hit. The game went into extra innings. In the 13th inning, Ichiro hit home a runner. In the 15th he was walked. And on Jose Lopez's hit, the team wins 8 to 7 over the Oakland Athletics.

Apr 23
Ichiro homered in his first at bat. And that helped his team win 1 to 0 over the Tampa Bay Rays. He also had a base hit in the 6th inning.

Apr 19
In this game Ichiro hit himself on first base twice. But his team lost 2 to 8 to the Detroit Tigers.

Apr 16
The moment came in the 4th inning. Ichiro hit himself on base making it his career 3086th. He broke the Japan record. His team however lost 1 to 5 to the LA Angels.

Apr 15
It's Ichiro's first game of the season after recovering from an ulcer. All eyes were on when he might break the Japan record for a career total hits. In the 3rd inning, he had a base hit. In the 7th inning, he grand slammed. With that he tied with the Japan record of 3085 hits held by Isao Harimoto who was watching the game from the stands. The Mariners beat the LA Angels 11 to 3.

Ichiro out from opening game
After a medical check up it was learned Ichiro was suffering from ulcer on Apr 3. He was put on the disabled list. Speculations are, it was due to strong pressure on top of his inability to contribute much during the World Baseball Classic before the season. But in the end, he actually hit in 2 runs to give Team Japan its victory.

team lost to the Texas Rangers 4 to 5.