2004 JAPAN SERIES: Chunichi Dragons vs Seibu Lions

4 games to 3
Most Valuable Player:Takashi Ishii

October 25 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,050)
The Dragons starter Domingo Guzman was clobbered in the 3rd inning. He lost hits after hits, runs after runs, and the Lions Alex Cabrera homered a 2 run. In the 8th, Daisuke Matsuzaka was on the mound. In the 9th, it was the Lions closer Kiyoshi Toyota. He lost 2 runs, but the Lions won 7 to 2, and clinched the championship title.

October 24 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,120)
In the first inning, the Lions Alex Cabrera hit an RBI. The Dragons hit in runs in the 2nd and the 4th inning to take the lead. But the Lions Kazuhiro Waka blasted a 2 run home run. He hit another home run. And the Lions beat the Dragons 4 to 2. Lions starter Daisuke Matsuzaka won a game in the Japan Series for the first time.

October 22 at Seibu Dome (audience 31,526)
Araki of the Dragons ran the bases well in the 3rd inning and made it home. The Dragons had more runs in the 4th inning. The Lions managed to get an RBI in the 6th inning, but the next runner seeking home was called out. In the 9th, the Dragons went further ahead on a 2 run homer by Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, and a single by Alex Ochoa. It won 6 to 1 taking the next game to the Nagoya Dome.

October 21 at Seibu Dome (audience 29,073)
Game 4 which was initially set for Oct 20 was cancelled due to a powerful typhoon,even though the game was held in a domed stadium. The concern was that public transportation for the fans could be disrupted. The Dragons blasted in this game. It began with a homer by Omar Linares in the 2nd inning. In the 4th inning, Alex Ochoa homered, and Kazuki Inoue did also, a 3-run. The Dragons beat the Lions 8 to 2.

October 19 at Seibu Dome (audience 23,910)
Actor Tom Cruise hurled a ceremonious pitch to open the see-saw game. The Lions Alex Cabrera blasted a 2 run homer run. Then, Hiroyuki Nakajima homered too. The Dragons exploded in the 6th inning. Alex Ochoa had 2 hits in the inning,both time batting in a run. Motonobu Tanishige grand slammed to take the lead. But the next inning, the Lions got back with Alex Cabrera's grand slam. The Lions clinched the game 10 to 8.

October 17 at Nagoya Dome (audience 37,969)
It was a very competitive game. The Lions scored first with Jose Fernandes's 2 run homer. In the 3rd, the Dragons caught up. Then the Lions' starter Daisuke Matsuzaka's loaded the bases and walked a runner. In the 5th inning, however, the Lions' clinched the lead. But it didn't remain ahead for too long. In the 7th, the Dragons Kazuyoshi Tatsunami blasted a 3 run homer. And the Dragons hit in more runs there after, dragging Matsuzaka off the mound. In the end, the Dragons won 11 to 6.

October 16 at Nagoya Dome (audience 37,909 )
The Lions' Kazuhiro Wada homered off the Dragons' starter Kenshin Kawakami in the 4th inning. In the 5th, the Dragons Hidenori Kuramoto dropped a fly ball hit by Jose Fernandes, on which Tomoaki Sato game home. In the bottom of that inning, the umpires wishywashy call angered skippers of both teams. The game was stalled for 49 minutes. The Lions' starter Takashi Ishii hurled a shut out 7 innings. The Lions clinched the game 2 to 0.