2005 JAPAN SERIES: Hanshin Tigers vs Chiba Lotte Marines

4 games to 4
Most Valuable Player:TOSHIAKI IMAE

October 25 at Koshien Stadium (audience 47,810)
The extraordinary Marines, proved that it was. In the 2nd inning, South Korean wonder, Lee Seung Yeop blasted a 2 run home run. In the 4th, it was Lee again this time, with a 2 base RBI. The Tigers in the 6th inning woke up. Well, a bit. Makoto Imaoka and Shinjiro Hiyama hit in a run each. But the Marines closer Masahide Kobayashi finished the game smoothly. The Marines won 3 to 2, and clinched the Japan Series. It's the first time in 31 years the Lotte team won the number one title in pro baseball.

October 25 at Koshien Stadium (audience 47,753)
The Marines hit in a run in the 2nd inning. The Tigers tied the bottom of that inning. In the 4th inning, consecutive base hits led to additional 2 RBIs. In the 7th, Kazuya Fukuura grand slammed. The Marines won 10 to 1.

October 23 at Chiba Marine Stadium(audience 28,354)
The Marines again hit in a run first. It was due to Makoto Imaoka's bad fielding. In the 6th inning, the Marines exploded. Saburo blasted a 2 run homer. He was followed by Matt Franco. Lee Seung Yeop slammed a 2 run homer. Shusuke Watanabe hurled over the distance. The Marines won 10 to 0. In this game, Toshiaki Imae broke a Japan Series record, hitting himself on base, 8 consecutive times at bat.

October 22 at Chiba Marine Stadium(audience 28,333)
The Tigers starter Kei Igawa gave up a home run to the Marines Toshiaki Imae in the first inning. In the 5th inning, the Tigers caught up with a sacrifice fly. But in the bottom of that inning, the Marines blasted, In the 6th inning a home run by Lee Seung Yeop. In the 7th inning, the Marines were uncontrollable with homer after homer. But the game had to be stopped due to a fog at the end of that inning. The Marines won 10 to 1.