2007 JAPAN SERIES: Nippon Ham Fighters vs Chunichi Dragons

Champion: Chunichi Dragons
4 games to 1
Most Valuable Player:Norihiro Nakamura

November 1 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,118)
The Fighters placed their hope of Yu Darvish who started this game. In the 2nd inning, he gave up a base hit to Tyrone Woods, then a 2 base hit to Norihiro Nakamura. And Woods came home on a sacrifice fly. That was all Darvish gave up. But his opponent, Daisuke Yamai pitched a perfect game until the 8th inning. In the 9th inning, Hitoki Iwase took over and closed the game. With a 1 to 0 win, the Dragons clinched the Japan Series. It's the first time in 53 years.

October 31 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,059)
The Fighters 19-year old pitcher Mitsuo Yoshikawa got himself in trouble. With a wild pitch towards the Dragons Tyrone Woods with bases loaded he gave the Dragons a lead. Norihiro Nakamura's RBI hit helped the Dragons secure its win 4 to 2.

October 30 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,068)
The Fighters starting pitcher Masaru Takeda was already under fire in the first inning. He gave up runs after runs. And with a loss of 5 runs, he was taken off the mound. In the first inning alone the Dragons earned 7 runs. It was a 9 to 1 win for the Dragons.

October 28 at Sapporo Dome (audience 40,770)
Starting for the Fighters,Ryan Glynn. In the 4th inning, he was in trouble. He gave up 3 walks in a row, and Norihiro Nakamura hit home 2 runners. In that inning alone, the Dragons had 4 runs. Meanwhile the Dragons starting pitched Kenichi Nakata lost a home run to Fernando Seguignol. But that was all. This time the Dragons beat the Fighters 8 to 1.

October 27 at Sapporo Dome (audience 40,616)
The starting pitchers of both teams were the same for the 2nd year in the row. For the Fighters Yu Darvish, for the Dragons Kenshin Kawakami. Darvish got the support of his team in the first inning.Fernando Seguignol blasted a 3 run home run. The Dragons hit in a run in the 6th inning, but that was all. Darvish struck out 13 and hurled over the distance. Kawakami pitched over the distance too. The Fighters won 3 to 1.