2008 JAPAN SERIES: Seibu Lions vs Yomiuri Giants

Champion: Seibu Lions
4 games to 7
Most Valuable Player:Takayuki Kishi

November 9 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,737)
The Lions was in a pinch in the first inning. It's starter Fumiya Nishiguchi filled the bases. On his wild pitch, he gave up a run. In the 2nd inning, the Giants Hayato Sakamoto homered. But in the 5th inning, the Lions Hiram Bocachica blasted a home run. It's off Giants starter Tetsuya Utsumi. The Lions pitchers meanwhile changed to Kazuhisa Ishii to Hideaki Wakui. In the 8th inning, the Lions batters came home and took the lead. The game ended 3 to 2 for the Lions. The Lions clinched the Japan Series for the first time in 4 years. It's a feat for manager Hisanobu Watanabe who's coaching the team for the first time this year.

November 8 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,749)
In the first inning, Giants starter Hisanori Takahashi already lost 3 runs. The Giants Yoshiyuki Kamei had a RBI double. But the Lions took further lead with Hiroshi Hirai's home run. The game ended 4 to 1 for the Lions. With both teams winning 3 games each, the series will go into its 7th game to decide the Japan champion.

November 6 at Seibu Dome (audience 28,763)
Ace pitchers of both teams started. Koji Uehara lost a run first, but the Giants caught up with Shinnosuke Abe's home run. In the 3rd inning, the Lions got lucky getting to base on an error and winning a run on a base hit. However, in the 7th inning, the Giants blasted. It all started with Alex Ramirez's fierce sprint to 2nd base. Then he dashed for home to equalize. Then the Giants had more hits. It won 7 to 3.

November 5 at Seibu Dome (audience 27,930)
Starting for the Giants, Seth Greisinger. In the 4th inning, his pitch hit the batter and both teams became excited over it. Then Takeya Nakamura who was next at bat, homered. It's a 2 run. He had another 2 run home run. The Lions starter 23 year old Takayuki Kishi pitched fabulously and shut out the Giants. The game finished 5 to 0 for the Lions.

November 4 at Seibu Dome (audience 24,495)
Tetsuya Utsumi started for the Giants. He pitched shut out his opponents until the 6th inning. Meanwhile, Takahiro Suzuki homered and so did Alex Ramirez. At one point, the Giants led 5 to 0. But the Lions did not keep quiet. Catcher Takeya Nakamura who's Pacific League's home run king this season slammed a 3 run home run. The Giants Michihiro Ogasawara extended the lead, however, with his home run. The Giants won 6 to 4.

November 2 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,814)
The Giants scored first on a sacrifice fly. The Lions Hiroyuki Nakajima blasted a 2 run home run to lead the game. Then the Giants equalized on Yoshiyuki Kamei's RBI 2 base hit. Alex Ramirez who had no hits this game, homered in the 9th inning, giving the Giants a 3 to 2 win.

November 1 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,757)
Starting for the Giants, Koji Uehara. For the Lions, Hideaki Wakui. Uehara had a tough start but was able to close the first inning without giving up a run. In the 4th inning, Alex Ramirez hit it a run. In the 5th, the Lions Taketoshi Goto homered to equalize. Then in the 6th inning, with Hiroyuki Nakajima's home run, the Lions took the lead. The Lions won 2 to 1.