2011 JAPAN SERIES: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs Chunichi Dragons

Champion: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
4 games to 7
Most Valuable Player:Hiroki Kokubo

November 20 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 34,737)
The Hawks Toshiya Sugiuchi had a good start. For the Dragons, the starter was Daisuke Yamai. He loaded the bases in the 3rd inning and walked Munenori Kawasaki to give up a run. In the 4th inning, the Hawks Katsuki Yamazaki hit in a run. In the 7th, Seiichi Uchikawa recorded a run. The Hawks closer was Tadashi Settsu who striked out the last batter. The Hawks won 3 to 0 and became Japan champion for the first time in 8 years. Skipper Koji Akiyama was in tears as he hugged his players. Sadaharu Oh who has an honorary title with the team congratulated the team.

November 19 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 34,927)
Starting for the Hawks, Tsuyoshi Wada. He, however in the first inning gave up 2 runs to Kazuhiro Wada. Meanwhile the Dragons starter and the top winner of the season Kazuki Yoshimi pitched well. He lost a run in the 4th inning to Seiichi Uchikawa. Hitoki Iwase closed the game for the Dragons to equalize with the Hawks with its 3rd game victory. This game was 2 to 1.

November 17 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,051)
The Hawks Hiroki Kokubo hit off the Dragons starter Wei-Ying Chen in the first inning for a run. Meanwhile the Hawks pitchers relayed from Hiroki Yamada to Tadashi Settsu and Takahiro Mahara for a shut out victory. The game ended 5 to 0 for the Hawks.

November 16 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,041)
In the first inning, Hiroki Kokubo hit in a run. Masahiro Araki mishandled Nobuhiro Matsuda's grounded ball, during which the Hawks recorded another run. The Dragons failed to capitalize on an opportunity in the 6th inning with bases loaded and lost again. It's 1 to 2.

November 15 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,041)
Maximo Nelson started for the Dragons. But he was in poor shape. He gave up a run to Nobuhiro Matsuda and a home run to Hitoshi Tamura. He was taken off the mound in the 6th inning. As to the Hawks starter Tadashi Settsu pitched well. Closing the game was Brian Falkenborg.The Hawks at last won 4 to 2.

November 13 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 34,758)
Starting for the Hawks Toshiya Sugiuchi. He gave up a run first. It was to Ryosuke Hirata who doubled. Then in the 7th inning, the Hawks equalized on Munenori Kawasaki's hit with bases full. The game again went in the 10th inning. The Dragons as in the previous day hit off Mahara. This time Masahiko Morino hit home a runner. The Dragons won again 2 to 1.

November 12 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 34,457)
The Hawks scored first with Yuya Hasegawa's RBI in the 4th inning. Starting for the Hawks Tsuyoshi Wada. He pitched perfect innings until the 7th inning when the Dragons Kazuhiro Wada slammed a homer off him. The game went beyond the 9th. In the 10th, Masaaki Koike homered off Takahiro Mahara and with that the Dragons won 2 to 1.