1999 JAPAN SERIES: Fukuoka Daiei Hawks vs Chunichi Dragons

Champion: Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
4 games to 1
Most Valuable Player: Koji Akiyama

October 28 at Nagoya Dome (audience 38,011)
The Dragons were able to score this time, but in vain. They not only were defeated by the Hawks, but lost the Japan Series. The Hawks with the 6 to 4 victory, clinched the Japan Series for the first time. It's the first time in 41 years that the baseball championship flag will be brought to the Kyushu area. The TV rating for this game reached 71.6 percent at one point. Skipper Sadaharu Oh was thrown up up into the air 7 times in front of Dragons fans.

October 27 at Nagoya Dome (audience 37,898)
Hiroki Kokubo a former homerun king who was in bad shape this season was in the spotlight at last. He blasted a homer in the 6th inning. A relay of pitchers shut out the Dragons. The Hawks won 3 to 0.

October 26 at Nagoya Dome (audience 37,832)
In the 4th inning, catcher Kenji Jojima homered a 2 run. The Hawks won 5 to 0.

October 24 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 36,227)
Hawks' pitcher this time was the complete opposite from yesterday's Kudo. Kenichi Wakatabe did not last 2 innings. And even though Koji Akiyama homered again, the Dragons won 8 to 2.

October 23 at Fukuoka Dome (audience 36,123 )
36 year-old Kimiyasu Kudo was the starting pitcher for the Hawks while for the Dragons, it was Shigeki Noguchi. Noguchi was not bad, but Kudo was super. He marked a Japan Series record by striking out 13 Dragons. His support was an even older Koji Akiyama who homered in the 6th inning. The Hawks won 2 to 0.