September 4
Kazuo tripled in the first inning. He showed some great plys in the infield. He had 2 more hits and his team beat the Florida Marlins 7 to 1.

August 9
At last, Kazuo was back after hurting his left knee in mid June. In the 6th inning, he was summoned to pinch hit. He was able to get himself on base. His team however lost to the San Diego Padres 3 to 8.

June 7
Matsui batted unusually well. He had 2 base hits. Pedro Martinez hurled over the distance and the Mets won 3 to 1 over the Houston Astros.

June 2
The unusual happened. When Pedro Martinez was on the mound, the sprinkler turned on. Gamewise, it did not affect the Mets. Neither did it Kazuo. Matsui hit in a 2 run RBI in the 6th inning to help his team win 5 to 1 over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

May 21
Matsui had a hit in the 2nd inning, and came home that inning. But he was unable to play after the 5th inning. He complained of a neck pain. The Mets won 7 to 1 against the NY Yankees.

May 20
Matsui doubled and helped his team earn a run. But he messed up out in the field. He fumbled a grounded ball, and the NY Yankees scored. The Mets lost 2 to 5 in the first of the subway series.

May 17
His team was behind the Cincinnatti Reds. But in the 7th inning Matsui slammed a 2 run homer and took his team to a . 2 to 1 win.

Apr 25
Matsui's had a base hit in the 6th inning. That helped his team. He scored a run to take the lead from the Atlanta Braves. The Mets won 5 to 4.

Apr 18
Matsui had 2 base hits. But the Mets lost to the Philidephia Phillies 4 to 5, as starter Kazuhisa Ishii lost too many runs.

Apr 11
In the 6th inning, Matsui surprised all with a bunt and got in a run. With the game a tie in th 8th inning, Matsui was on, a hit home a runner. The Mets, thanks to him won 8 to 4 agains the Houston Astros.

Apr 4
Matsui led off the team with a home run. Matsui was playing well out in the field, opposed to his poor performance last season. But his team in the end lost to the Cincinnatti Reds 6 to 7.