September 20
By yielding 4 runs in 7 innings, it put Mac in danger of taking responsible for the game. But luckily, the Royals caught up with the Anaheim Angels. However, the bad part for his team was that in the end the Angels won 7 to 4.

September 5
Mac unfortunately had to take the loss this time against the New York Yankees. It's his 8th loss against 8 wins. He managed to stay until the 6 2/3 innings giving up 4 runs.

August 30
The Royals helped Mac with a whooping 8 run lead. Mac gave up 2 runs and stepped down after the 7th inning. But it was a dangerous game for the Royals. The Minnesota Twins almost caught up. It finished 8 to 7 for the Royals so Mac was able to win his 8th game.

August 24
Mac was a very different pitcher from the previous game. He lost a whooping 5 runs in just 3 0/3 innings. But, the game went into the 10th inning, and it did not count on him. However, the Royals in the end lost 7 to 9 to the Boston Red Sox.

August 19
It was probably the most satisfactory day for Mac since he's started playing in the US. He not only hurled over the distance against the Baltimore Orioles, he shut them out. The first time for him to do so in the US Major Leagues. And Mac clinched his 7th win. The Royals won 7 to 0.

August 13
Mac was able to earn his 6th win but he did not put on a good pitch. He pitched 7 1/3 innings giving up 5 runs. But his team batted in 10 runs from the Baltimore Orioles.

August 8
Mac lasted only 3 2/3 innings. He lost 6 runs, one of his worst records. The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Royals 6 to 1. Mac took the loss.

August 3
Mac only gave up a run to Tino Martinez of the New York Yankees during 7 innings. And at that point his team was taking the lead. But after he left, the Yankees caught up and in the end clinched that game 3 to 2. So Mac unfortunately was unable to pick up a win.

July 29
Mac lost again--his 6th. But he didn't do bad. In the 8th inning, Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Mo Vaughn homered off him. Mac was out. But he only gave up 2 runs in all. The game finished 2 to 1 for the Devil Rays.

July 24
Mac tried to withhold despite yielding homers to the Chicago White Sox. But Magglio Ordonez's 3 run homer took him down the mound in the 7th inning. Mac gave up a total 7 runs and marked his 5th loss. The Royals lost 6 to 7.

July 19
Mac was in a sense lucky. Though he lost 4 runs in 6 innings with 3 his responsibility, his team while he still was on reversed the game. The 10 to 5 win over the Cleveland Indians gave Mac his 5th win. His ERA slightly improved and placed him 2nd in the American League.

July 14
In his first game after the all star break Mac gave up only 2 runs in 7 innings. But he did not receive any support from his teammates. So he had to take his 4th loss as a consequence of a 0 to 4 game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

July 8
Mac managed to hold on 7 innings giving up only one run to the Detroit Tigers. His team won 5 to 2 and was himself accredited for his 4th win.

July 2
The starting pitcher for the opposing Detroit Tigers was also Japanese. It's Hideo Nomo. Both Nomo and Mac pitched well. Mac however gave up 2 runs while Nomo, none until the 7th inning. The Tigers in the end won 2 to 0 and Nomo his 3rd win while Mac lost.

June 27
In 5 1/3 innings, Mac was yielded 2 homers and lost a total 4 runs to the Cleveland Indians. He succumbed to his 2nd loss. The game ended 1 to 12.

June 16
Mac had poor control of the ball. He walked 3 in a row in the 1st inning. Luckily though in 5 innings he gave up only 1 run. But he did not earn a win because in the end, the Oakland Athletic beat the Royal 8 to 3.

June 5
In the 6th inning, Mac at once gave up 3 runs but he kept Big Mac from getting at him and clinched the game against the Cardinals 7 to 4. He hurled 5 1/2 innings and losing 4 runs. It's his 3rd win.

May 31
Mac started and pitched against the Boston Red Sox. He hurled 7 innings giving up 2 runs. The game finished 9 to 7 for the Royals. He awarded himself a birthday treat winning his 2nd game.

May 25
Mac only lost 2 runs in 6 innings, but the relievers were in a turmoil that his team finished the game 3 to 5 against the Texas Rangers.

May 20
Mac was homered in the 3rd than gave up a 2 run to Mo Vaughn in the 5th. In all, he succumbed to 5 runs in 4 1/3 inning against the Angels.

May 14
Mac succeeded in pitching 8 1/3 innings. It's the longest game he's pitched so far. Although he gave up 4 runs, Mac earned his first win this season. The Royals defeated the Cleveland Indians 5 to 4.

Mac no longer a starting pitcher
Mac has been taken out of the starting rotation. On Apr. 25, he came on as a relief pitcher. He didn't lost a run during the 3 innings he pitched against the Devil Rays. On Apr. 29, he was the 2nd pitcher. He hurled 4 innings and lost 2 runs to the Mariners. The Mariners in the end defeated the Royals 11 to 3. On May 4, he appeared in better shape keeping the Oakland Athletics from scoring for 3 innings. Mac pitched from the 3rd inning. In fact, his team reversed the game in the 10th 8 to 7.

Apr. 19
This time, Mac lost 3 runs in 4 innings. At that point the game was a tie, so he would neither be credited for a loss or a win. In the end though the Royals lost to the Minnesota Twins 6 to 7.

Apr. 12
It's Mac's second game of the season. He pitched the 3 innings well agains the Baltimore Orioles. In the 4th, he gave up 3 runs, and in the 6th, he was off the mound with runners on 2nd and 3rd. His back up succumbed to a double, so Mac's total loss went up to 5. However, The Royals turned the game around in the 9th with Rey Sanchez's 3 run homer. The Royas won 7 to 6.