Sept. 25
Mac gave up only a run in 5 innings, but in the 6th inning, he was in trouble. And with bases full at one out, he was off the mound. The pitchers who took over lost runs. The Royals lost to the Detroit Tigers 3 to 11. Mac had to take the loss--it's his 5th this season.

Sept. 19
As Mac felt he was picking things up in the 5th inning, he was pulled out. He gave up 3 runs in those innings. It was a no decision game on his record. But for the Royals, it was an outrageous loss of 3 to 12 against the Oakland Athletics.

Sept. 14
Mac started in the first of the double header against the Anaheim Angels. He was able to last 6 1/3 innings, during which he gave up 3 runs. His team was taking the lead, so he had a change to earn a win. But the Angels came back with runs. It resulted a 6 to 8.

Sept. 2
For the first time this year, Mac was able to pick up a win. He hurled 5 1/3 innings against the Boston Red Sox and gave up only 1 run. The Royals won 4 to 2. The last time he was able to pitch for a win was just a year ago.

Aug. 28
Mac hurled 4 1/3 innings, and gave up 3 runs. For him, it was a no decision game. For the Royals it was a loss shocking loss of 3 to 4 to the Minnesota Twins.

July 23
Mac was unable to show good performance. In just 2 2/4 innings, he gave up 6 runs against the Oakland Athletics. The Royals, however, in the end defeated the Athletics 12 to 7, so it was a no decision game for Mac.

July 1
Mac started for the first time with the Royals. He was able to go up till the 6th inning. He lost 2 runs, a no decision on his record.

Mac pitches for the Royals
In the 3rd inning, the Royals were already behind 0 to 5 to the Cleveland Indians. It was not at an interesting moment, but at any rate, Mac was called to pitch on June 26. He lost a run, but finished up to the 6th inning. And a surprise was, his new teammates came back to blast 11 runs to win the game 11 to 7.

Mac goes to the Royals
Mac joined the Mets bench for just one day. And on June 22, it was announced that the Kansas City Royals acquired Mac off the waiver wire.

Mac will join Yoshii's team
One June 18, it was disclosed that the New York Mets made a deal with the Seattle Mariners to trade Allen Watson for Mac plus another player. Mac so far has a 2 loss record and a 9.43 ERA in 16 games. He started in 4. Mets general manager Steve Phillips is believed to have been impressed with Mac's fastball. For the Japanese fans, a relay of Japanese pitchers in a game is expected to be witnessed for the first time.

Mac taken off from the Mariners' registered players
It was learned on June 15, that Mac Suzuki is not included among 40 players enlisted in the Seattle Mariners. His only chance to continue playing in the US Major Leagues may be to join another team.

4th game, May 17
The first 2 innings were all right, although Mac did lose a homer. It was a total disaster in the 3rd inning. Mac lost a total 4 runs and hurled only 2 1/3 innings. The Mariners eventually won 15 to 5 to the Minnesota Twins so Mac luckily did not have to take a loss. He may not be able to start a game.

3rd game, May 12
It was another tough game for Mac. He hurled 6 0/3 innings against the Boston Red Sox Lost 6 runs, 8 base hits, walked 6 and had to take his 2nd loss.

2nd game, May 7
For the first time, starting pitchers for the competing teams were both Japanese. Hideki Irabu started for the Yankees, and Mac Suzuki for the Seattle Mariners. They were both pitching a scoreless game until the 4th inning. However, in the 5th inning, Suzuki was stuck. Derek Jeter smashed a 3 run homer from him. He was taken off the mound in the 6th inning and lost a total of 7 runs. Meanwhile Irabu lost only a run in 7 innings and picked up his first win of the season

1st game, May 2
At last, Mac was given a chance to start. He pitched against the Toronto Blue Jays 5 0/3 innings and lost 2 runs. The game did not count against nor for him.