Playoffs:October 7
Matsui was unable to contribute. He had a chance in the 7th inning with runners on first and third. He grounded the ball and while one runner was taken out, another came home. Matsui's season ended with the Yankees 3 to 8 defeat against the Detroit Tigers.

Playoffs:October 6
Matsui had a 2 base hit, but he didn't hit anybody home. The Detroit Tigers won again 6 to 0.

Playoffs:October 5
Matsui had 3 base hits, but his team lost 3 to 5 to the Detroit Tigers.

Sept 25
Matsui blasted a 3 run home run. He had 2 more hits, and helped his team defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 16 to 1.

Sept 19
Matsui homered in the 8th inning. It's his 7th of the season. The Yankees beat the Toronto BlueJays 6 to 3.<

Sept 14
In the 2nd inning, Matsui blasted a gigantic home run. It's his 6th of the season. The Yankees clinched this game 7 to 4 from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Sept 12
Matsui was back. He was 8th to bat as a designated hitter. When he came to bat in the first inning, Yankee Stadium was roaring with delight. Matsui tipped his helmet in response. And he responded with his bat too, hitting home a runner. He had 3 more base hits, and contributed to his team's 12 to 4 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

May 11
A disaster for Matsui. When he was playing outfield in the first inning, he tried to catch the ball. He fell and his left wrist bent the wrong way. Matsui was clearly in pain. He was taken by an ambulance and was diagnosed with a broken wrist. As Matsui did not play the full inning, his game appearance was not recognized on record. His wondrous record of consecutive game appearance which started in 1993 with the Tokyo Giants was abruptly ended at 1768.

May 7
It was in the 4th inning, the game a tie, that Matsui stepped up to bat. 2 runners were on base. Matsui homered. It's the 200th homerun by a Japanese player in the MLB. Matsui had another hit and his team won 8 to 5 against the Texas Rangers.

May 5
Matsui's 2 base hit lead to more hits by the Yankees in the 4th inning. His team in the end beat the Texas Rangers 8 to 7.

May 4
Matsui blasted his 4th home run of the season. He had 2 more hits. The Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10 to 5.

May 3
In the 4th inning, Matsui at last had a base hit. He also bat in a run in the 10th inning to help his team defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4 to 2.

April 29
The game was tied when Matsui came up to bat in the 3rd inning. He drove in a run. His team blasted hits after that, and won 17 to 6 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

April 27
Matsui finally did his job with his bat.In the 6th inning he drove home 2 runners. With that his team won 4 to 1 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

April 22
Matsui hit in 2 runs and contributed to his team's 6 to 1 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

April 21
Matsui had 2 hits and was walked twice, but at the relevant moment in the 9th inning with bases loaded, he struck out. The Yankees lost 5 to 6 to the Baltimore Orioles.

April 18
Matsui celebrated his 500th game appearance in a row as a designated hitter. But he had not hits and his team lost to the Toronto BlueJays 5 to 10.

April 13
Matsui had a base hit in 8 consecutive games since the beginning of the season. His team won too 12 to 5 against the Kansas City Royals.

April 9
Matsui had 2 base hits including an RBI. His team won 10 to 0 over the LA Angels.

April 8
In the 9th inning, Matsui had a line drive home run. But his team lost 2 to 3 to the LA Angels.

April 5
Matsui slammed a big home run in the 2nd inning. But that was his only hit of the game and the Yankees lost 4 to 9 to the Oakland Athletics.

April 4
Matsui had a 2 base hit in the 4th inning. However, the Yankees lost this game 3 to 4 to the Oakland Athletics.

April 3
On opening day, Matsui exploded. He started out with a base hit. Then in the 4th inning with 2 runners on base, he homered. It's 2 seasons in a row that he homered on opening day. He also had a base hit in the 7th inning. The Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics 15 to 2.

Post season news
Matsui extends his contract
Matsui held a news conference on Nov 15, to announce that he's staying with the Yankees. It's for a 4 year deal of 52 million US dollars. He exceeds Ichiro of the Seattle Mariners income.