Division Series: Oct 7
At last Matsui had a base hit. He had two, and in the 5th inning, he came home. After that, his teammate exploded. The Yankees beat the Indians 8 to 4.

Division series:Oct 5
Matsui played as a designated hitter, but could not contribute. His team lost its 2nd game to the Cleveland Indian in the 11th inning, 1 to 2.

Sept 22
Matsu had 3 hits, which resulted in 3 RBIs. It turned out to be a competitive game in which the Yankees in the end defeated the Yankees 12 to 11 over the Toronto BlueJays.

Sept 19
Matsui homered in the 2nd inning. The Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles in a close match of 2 to 1.

Sept 18
Matsui had RBI hits twice in this game or 3 RBIs in all. He contributed to the team's 12 to 0 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

Sept 17
Matsui homered in the 3rd inning. And his team hit well, defeating the Baltimore Orioles 8 to 5.

Sept 14
For the first time Matsui had a hit off Boston Red Sox Daisuke Matsuzaka. His team in the end defeated the Red Sox 8 to 7.

Aug 25
Matsui hit home 2 runners in the 1st inning. He had 2 more base hits. The Yankees beat the Detroit Tigers 7 to 2.

Aug 19
Matsui had an RBI hit in the 3rd inning. He also earned a run with a sacrifice fly. His team beat the Tigers 9 to 3.

Aug 5
Matsui slammed his 100th home run in the MLB. The Yankees clinched the game 8 to 5 against the Kansas City Royals.

Aug 4
Matsui had 3 hits and 2 RBIs. But the star of the game was A-Rod who slammed his 500th home run. It's in a 16 to 8 game against the Kansas City Royals.

Jul 31
Matsui was asked by Japanese children to blast a homerun the previous day. But he not only realized their hope in the first inning. He also homered in the 6th inning, this time a 2 run. The Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox 16 to 3. And he was awarded MVP for July.

July 25
Matsui homered in the 8th inning. It's his 18th of the season. The Yankees beat the Kansas City Royals 7 to 1.

July 22
Matsui was incredible. In the 2nd inning, he homered. It's his 9th just this month. In the 4th, he hit in a run. He had 3 more base hits. The Yankees clobbered the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 21 to 4.

July 21
In the first game of a double header, Matsui blasted a 2 run home run. And his team beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7 to 3. In the next game, he homered again. The Yankees won 17 to 5.

July 17
Matsui extended his batting streak to 12 games in a row. He had 2 base hits, and in the 10th inning the Yankees clinched the game from the Toronto BlueJays 3 to 2.

July 16
Matsui homered and also had a base hit. His team beat the Toronto BlueJays 6 to 4.

July 14
Matsui doubled, and also homered in the 4th inng. His team beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 6 to 4.

July 8
Matsui's 3 run home run hit the 3rd floor of the stadium. Then Yankees beat the L.A. Angels 12 to 0.

July 5
Matsui's home run in the 8th inning helped the Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 7 to 6.

July 4
Matsui had his 9th home run of the season but the Yankees lost against the Minneota Twins 2 to 6.

June 21
In the 2nd inning, Matsui slammed a 2 run home run. But hit team lost to the Colorado Rockies 3 to 4.

June 14
Matsui hit in a run in the 3rd inning. He had another RBI hit in the 7th inning. He helped his team beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 7 to 1.

June 13
In the 2nd inning Matsui hit himself on base. In the 4th, he slammed a 3 run home run. The Yankees won 7 to 2 over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

June 10
Matsui faced his former teammate, 39 year old Masumi Kuwata who pitched for the first time for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Matsui was walked. In the end his team won 13 to 6.

June 8
Matsui had a base hit in the 4th inning. In the 6th, with his 2 run home run, his team equalized. The Yankees in the 10th inning, won 5 to 4 over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

May 30
Matsui got himself on base in the first and 2nd innings. His team at last won beating the Toronto Blue Jays 10 to 5.

May 28
Matsui slammed a 2 run home run. He was the only one to record RBIs in this game. His team lost 2 to 7 to the Toronto Blue Jays and dropped to final place.

May 23
With a runner on base, Matsui homered in the first inning off the Boston Red Sox Curt Schilling. He hit in a run in the 7th inning. The Yankees won 8 to 3.

May 20
In the first inning, Matsui doubled. In the 3rd, he had a lucky 2 base hit. In the 9th he singled. The Yankees beat the NY Mets 6 to 2.

May 18
In the 4th inning, Matsui's 2 run home run helped his team equalize with the N.Y. Mets. He had a base hit in the 9th inning. But in the end, his team lost 2 to 3.

May 13
Matsui had a single and a double, but his team lost to the Seattle Mariners 1 to 2.

May 12
Matsui batted well. In the 2nd inning, he doubled. This hit led to more hits that inning. In the 3rd inning, he got himself on base. And so did he make it to first in the 9th inning. His team beat the Seattle Mariners 7 to 2.

May 6
Matsui got on base in the 6th inning, which all thought was on an error. But it was later discovered that it was recorded as a 2 base hit. And with this, Matsui marked his career 2000th hit. His team also won 5 to 0 against the Seattle Mariners.

May 4
Matsui homered in the 3rd inning. But in the end his team lost 11 to 15 against the Seattle Mariners.

May 3
Matsui played a double header. In the first game, Matsui contributed with an RBI in the 8th inning to take his team to a 4 to 2 win against the Texas Rangers. In the next game he had 2 base hits, and his team won again 5 to 2.

May 1
Matsui hit in RBI in the 3rd inning although he got himself out. In the 5th, he doubled for another run. His team beat the Texas Rangers 10 to 1.

Apr 28
Matsui hit off Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox in the 2nd inning. His walk in the 4th inning led to Jorge Posada's home run. And with a 3 to 1 win, the Yankees losing streak ended at 7.

Apr 24
Matsui slammed his first home run of the season. In the 8th inning he hit in a run too. But the Yankees lost again 4 to 6 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Apr 23
Matsui is back. He was walked. He also hit home A-Rod on a sacrifice fly. His team however lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8 to 10.

Apr 7
Matsui hurt himself in the 2nd inning, while out in the field. He pulled out from the 4th inning. And it was learned that he needed time to recover his strained hamstring. And so was placed on the disabled list. It means, he won't be back for at least 15 days.

Apr 5
Matsui marked his first base hit of the season in the 4th inning. In the 7th inning, with bases loaded, he was up to bat. He hit 2 runners home. But the Yankees lost 6 to 7 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

April 2
Matsui started the game. But he failed to hit himself on base although he was walked once. The Yankees, still, beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 9 to 5.