Red Sox gets Nomo
It was learned on Dec. 15 that Nomo will play for the Boston Red Sox in the coming season. It's reported to be a one-year contract for 4.5 million dollars. But depending on his performance, he can make 84.8 million yen more. Nomo's rep is said to have chosen the Red Sox because the team has potential to play in the World Series.

Nomo leaves the Tigers
The Tigers paid Nomo 250 thousand dollars on Nov 3. This is in line with an buy out agreement the team had promised Nomo upon acquiring the pitcher last Dec. That day, Nomo was at the Tokyo Dome as a commentator for the US-Japan all star series but did not elaborate on his next step.

September 27
Nomo gave up only 3 runs pitching into the 7th inning, but since he received no batting support from his teammates, he had to take the blame for the team's loss in a 0 to 3 game against the Kansas City Royals. Nomo finished the season with 8 wins 12 losses..

September 22
Nomo struck out 9 New York Yankees in 6 0/3 innings. He was yielded 3 runs. Hopefully, the strike out king is back. The Tigers won 9 to 6. Nomo clinched his 8th victory.

September 16
Already in the 2nd inning, the Tigers have batted in 9 runs. That really helped Nomo. He managed to hurl 8 innins giving up only 2 runs. Nomo picked up his 7th win in a 12 to 2 game over the Boston Red Sox.

September 5
This time, Nomo shut out the Anaheim Angels for 8 innings. He left the final inning up to the closure. The Tigers succeeded to win 5 to 0 and Nomo at last won his 6th game.

August 30
Nomo was taken off the mound in the middle of the 6th inning. The Baltimore Orioles in the end won 5 to 1. Nomo succumbed to his 11th loss with 4 run accounted on him.

August 23
It was a strange night. A swarm of insects attacked Comerica Park. Nomo, may or may not have been affected. He was taken off the mound when the Seattle Mariners reversed the score. So he pitched 6 1/3 innings losing 4 runs. But the Tigers came back in the 7th and won 6 to 5.

August 18
Nomo finally was back starting. He was on the disabled list after hurting his right middle finger. And from his strike out performance, he seemed fully recovered. Nomo shut out the Oakland Athletics for 7 innings. He clinched his 5th win.

July 29
In the first inning, the Tigers batted in 6 runs. This boosted Nomo's performance. He was able to hang on for 8 innings giving up 2 runs. He struck out 7. The 10 to 2 game over the Texas Rangers accredited Nomo for his 4th victory of the season.

July 24
Nomo pitched against the Tampa Bay DevilRays. In 6 1/3 innings.he gave up 3 runs. He had to take his 10th loss in the 2 to 4 game.

July 19
It was a disaster again for Nomo. In the first inning,New York Yankees' Paul O'Neill slammed off him a 2 run. The next inning, Derek Jeter cleaned the loaded bases. Nomo did not last 3 innings and gave up a total 6 tuns. The Tigers lost 1 to 9.

July 14
In his first appearance after the all star game, Nomo pitched against that Houston Astros. But he was in such bad shape that he gave up 8 runs without finishing 5 innnings and succumbed to his 8th loss. The Tigers lost 4 to 9.

July 2
The starting pitcher for the opposing Kansas City Royals was also Japanese. It's Mac Suzuki. Both Nomo and Mac pitched well. Mac however gave up 2 runs while Nomo, none until the 7th inning. The Tigers in the end won 2 to 0 and Nomo his 3rd win.

June 27
Nomo pitched against the New York Yankees. He gave up 3 runs in 5 1/3 innings, but with the Tigers ahead, there was hope for him to earn a win. In the end, the Tigers won 7 to 6 in the 11th inning. But because they was caught up by the Yankess at one point, Nomo's hope for a win on record was slashed.

June 22
The Toronto BlueJays yielded 3 homers off Nomo. Two were by Shannon Stewart. Nomo pitched 8 innings giving up a total of 7 runs and lost his 7th game. It ended 4 to 7.

June 12
Nomo actually had a good start striking out one after another. At one point, the Tigers was ahead. But Nomo gave up a 2 run homer to the Toronto BlueJays in the 4th inning to give up the lead. He, in all, was yielded 4 runs in 7 1/3 innings and took his 6th loss in a 2 to 4 game.

June 7
Nomo gave up 3 runs and since his team again could not support him, he accummulated his loss to 5. The Tigers lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates 3 to 4.

June 2
Nomo gave up only 2 runs in 6 1/3 innings to the Chicago Cubs. He even struck out Sammy Sosa. But the problem was, his team could not bat in runs. So he had to take his 4th loss in the 0 to 4 game.

May 27
In the 8th inning, the Blue Jays caught up with the Tigers, and after that run, Nomo was off the mound. In the end, the Tigers clinched the game 4 to 3. However, Nomo was not given the win. He lost 3 runs in 7 1/3 innings.

May 21
Nomo's fast balls and split fingers were cool. Plus his team had already batted in 7 runs by the 3rd inning. It was only in the 6th inning, he was homered. After that, he got a runner on base, and his job was done. The Tigers defeated the Boston Red Sox 7 to 5. Nomo clinched his 2nd win.

May 16
Nomo was clobbed by the Cleveland Indians. He lost runs in every inning. In the 3rd, he gave up a 3 run homer and that did it. He succumbed to 7 runs in all and had to take his 3rd loss in a 9 to 11 game.

May 10
Nomo's 7th inning was disasterous. The infielder errored, and he walked a full base. In all, Nomo los 4 runs in 6 2/3 innings until giving up the mound to a closure, who walked two other. Then, to the delight of Japanese fans, Masao Kida, who recently was promoted from AAA took over. He pitched the 7th and 8th smoothly. But Nomo had to the his 2nd loss in a 0 to 6 game against the Kansas City Royals.

May 5
Nomo was in bad shape this time. The Minnesota Twins scored off him every inning until the 4th. The Tigers line-up kept up with the runs he lost. But in the 6th, Nomo gave up a 3 run homer. That took him off the mound. In 5 1/3 innings, he succumbed to 7 runs. However the Tiger clinched the game 10 to 8. So Nomo did not have to take a loss.

Apr. 30
Nomo pitched pretty well again. In 7 2/3 innings against the Chicago White Sox, he struck out 9, and surrendered just 2 runs. But the Tigers players failed again to support Nomo. However, the game went into 12 innings. The Tigers ended the game to win 4 to 3. Nomo's ERA is at this point, the 2nd best in the league.

Apr. 25
Nomo gave up a 2 run homer to the Anaheim Angels in the 3rd inning. He was okay afterwards until the 7th inning. The Angels caught up, and Nomo was taken out. Nomo appeared very disappointed for not being allowed to pitch longer. But the good news was that the Tigers afterall won 4 to 2, although Nomo was not given the credit. The Tigers' losing streak ended at 8.

Apr. 19
Nomo had been doing well in past games, but this time, he couldn't hold on. And neither did his team support him with the bat. He lost 4 runs. He was off the mound without finishing 6 innings. The Tigers lost 0 to 10 to the Red Sox, and Nomo succumbed to his first loss of the season.

Apr. 13
Nomo hurled 6 and 0/3 innings without losing a run. And his team defeated the Seattle Mariners 2 to 0. But he was not given the credit for the team's win.

Apr. 8
Nomo pitched perfectly well until he was off the mound finishing the 7th inning. The Tigers were leading 1 to 0 over the Baltimore Orioles at that point so he had the right to earn a win. However, the relief pitcher lost a run. The game went into the 10th inning. The Orioles' Delino DeShields batted in a game ending run.

Apr. 3
Nomo was as promised granted the status of a starting pitcher for the season opener. Wearing number 23, Nomo got into a tornado style. But it didn't start out all well. He was homered by Jason Giambi in the 1st inning. He succumbed to more homers later. His team was able to support him with base hits and lucky hits. The Tigers defeated the Athletics 7 to 4. Nomo marked his first win already by pitching 7 innings, gaving up 3 runs and striking out 8.
Michiyo's Note: Wow wee! I'm happy for him. But I couldn't watch the live coverage in Tokyo very much having had to follow the Japanese Prime Minister's health reports after he fell into a coma.

Nomo will start opener
It was found out Mar.19 that Nomo will be Detroit Tigers' starting pitcher. It'll play Oakland Athletics on Apr. 3. If this is realized, Nomo will become to the first Japanese ever to be given the honor.

Nomo leaves for training in US
Nomo and his Tigers teammate Masao Kida is reported to have had dinner together on Feb. 1. On Feb. 7, they both left for the US, but for different destinations. Nomo flew to LA where he's been training for years, while Kida headed for Detroit. The two will reunite on Feb. 17 in Florida at the site of Tigers'camp.

Nomo signs with the Tigers
Nomo agreed to a one year contract with the Detroit Tigers Jan.21. He's signed for 1.25 million dollars and an addition 3.25 million depending on his performance. In all the package totals about 470 million yen. This means he's joined manager Phil Garner who was released from the Brewers. Another Japanese Masao Kida plays for the Tigers. Japanese fans are looking forward to a relay of Japanese pitchers for the first time.