September 26
Nomo homered. It's his 2nd homer in his Major League career. And with that the Dodgers took the lead. But the team was caught up in the 7th inning, and Nomo stepped down. In all he succumbed to 5 runs. In the 8th inning, the Dodgers retook the lead and defeated the San Diego Padres 6 to 5.

September 21
In the 3rd inning, Nomo lost a 3 run homer to the San Diego Padres' Tom Lampkin. At that point the game was 1 to 3. But in the Dodgers caught up, and then in the 9th batted in 2 runs. Nomo earned his record tie 16th win. The Dodgers won 5 to 3, and has still hope to going into the playoffs.

September 16
Nomo took off to a shaky start. But he managed to hurl for 6 innings. He lost 3 runs. The support of his team helped him. In the end the Dodgers won 7 to 6 over the SF Giants. Nomo earned his 15th win.

September 11
Nomo pitched better the more he pitched. But having pitched too much he was off the mound in 6 2/3 innings. He lost 2 runs. His team won 7 to 3 over the San Francisco Giants. Nomo picked up his 14th win .

September 6
Nomo had a tough time the first 2 innings giving up 2 runs. But he recovered thereafter pitching well. In the 7th inning he was stretched. With runner on first base, it looked clearly like a double play, but there was noone covering 2nd. The bases were loaded. However, he closed the inning was a successful double play. He left the mound with the game a draw. In the end, the Dodgers won 3 to 2 to the Houston Astros.

September 1
Nomo gave up a home run in the 2nd inning, and that was it. He hurled 7 innings, striking out 8. As the Dodgers beat the Houston Astros 2 to 1, Nomo clinched his 13th win.

August 27
Nomo pitched well. He struck out 10 and gave up on a run in 7 innings. But when he left the mound, the game was a tie, so he neither qualified for a win or a loss. In the end, the Dodgers beat the Arizona Diamondback 6 to 1.

August 22
Nomo gave up a homerun in the 5th inning. During his 7-inning pitch, he lost 2 runs in all. But the Dodgers reversed after Nomo was out. Nomo was furtunate to gain his 12th win. The game endeed 6 to 2 against the Florida Marlins.

August 16
Nomo this time gave up only a run in the 2nd inning. He pitched for 6 innings. When he left the game, the game was a tie, so although the Dodgers in the end won 3 to 2 over the NY Mets, Nomo was not given a win.

August 10
Nomo's stuck in a bad habit of losing runs in the first inning. This time he gave up 2 in the first inning. Thanks to his teammate, the Dodgers kept on hitting in runs to keep up with Nomo's inconsistent pitching. He lost 6 runs in 6 innings. However, his team in the end defeated the Philadephia Phillies 10 to 8.

August 5
Nomo was in a mess in the first few innings. But he did great after the 4th inning, not even giving up a run. He pitched 7 innings with his team taking the lead, but in the end the Dodgers lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 5 to 7.

July 31
Nomo again lost 2 runs in the first innings. But that was all. He hurled 6 innings. The Dodgers beat the Cincinnatti Reds 11 to 5

July 26
The Dodgers already had 3 runs in before Nomo was on the mound. Nomo was not superb but with his teammates continuing support, he lasted 7 innings though he gave up 5 runs. The Dodgers defeated the SF Giants 11 to 6. Nomo clinched his 10th win.

July 21
Nomo had runners on base already from the first inning. He faced another Japanese Tsuyoshi Shinjo and had him ground out once, but he walked him the 2nd time. Shinjo actually came home. Nomo gave up 3 run in 6 innings. But the Dodgers caught up with the SF Giants that inning, so Nomo's loss disappeared. However, the Dodgers in the end lost 6 to 4.

July 16
Nomo had only given up 2 runs in 6 innings. But in the 7th inning, he was in trouble. He had 2 runners on base, and his pitch to 3rd was off. Also, his teammates were bad out in the field. In th 6 2/3 innings he pitched, Nomo lost 5 runs, while he struck out 8. The Dodgers lost to the St Louis Cardinals 2 to 9. It's Nomo's 6th loss,

July 11
Nomo gave up 2 runs in the first inning, but he hanged on. That's despite bad plays by his teammates out on the field in the 4th inning which cost him another run. He finished inning. It was a tie then, and in the end the Arizona Diamondbacks won 4 to 3. Nomo was not accounted for in this game.

July 6
Nomo gave up only a run in 7 innings. He was off the mound with the Dodgers tied to the St Louis Cardinals. So even though the Dodgers in the end won 4 to 2, Nomo did not earn a win.

July 1
Nomo was wonderful on the mound and at bat. With both teams scoreless in the 5th inning, Nomo was up to bat. He smashed to ball off the Arizona Diamondbacks Randy Johnson to the outfield fence. 2 runners came home. Nomo also raced back home later. He hurled 8 innings scoreless, and struck out 7. Nomo won his 9th win in a 4 to 0 game.

June 26
Nomo was pitching well until the 4th inning. Then in the 5th, the Colorado Rockies caught up with 2 home runs. But Nomo fought back with his own bat. He doubled in the 6th inning. In all Nomo pitched 7 innings. The Dodgers in the end won 5 to 3. Nomo earned his 8th win.

June 21
Nomo recorded his career 1500th strike out in the US. He gave up only a run in 7 innings. It's a home run to Shea Hillenbrand of the Boston Red Sox. Nomo won his 7th game of the season. It was 3 to 2 in the end.

June 16
Nomo succumbed to 4 runs in 5 innings. His team won 5 to 4 to the Anaheim Angels in the end. Nomo was unaccounted for.

June 10
Nomo did get runners on base and was not his best. He lost 3 runs in 6 innings. But his team backed him up defeating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10 to 5. He clinched his 6th win.

June 4
Nomo allowed the Colorado Rockies to hit in 2 runs in the first inning. The Dodgers managed to take over the lead in the 3rd. And the team was still ahead when Nomo left the mound after pitching 7 full innings. But in the 8th, the Rockies caught up. So Nomo's win disappeared even though in the end the Dodgers won 10 to 4.

May 27
Nomo's turn to pitch came earlier than expected as another starter pulled out due to an injury. Nomo was a bit shakey. He walked 7. He also struck out 8. With the help of his teammates he gave up only 2 runs in 7 innings. The Dodgers won 5 to 3 over the Milwaukee Brewers, and Nomo clinched his 5th win.

May 22
Nomo was supported by his teammate, out in the field, killing a runner at home. And Nomo did not give up a run and also struck out every inning during 6 innings he's pitched. He won the 1 to 0 gave against the Milwaukee Brewers. It's his 4th win.

May 17
The Dodgers first scored. But then Nomo gave up a run. The Dodgers got ahead again. And Eric Carros celebrating Carros day blasted a 2 run. Nomo was not too stable, but he left the mound after pitching 5 2/3 innings with the Dodgers leading. And as the Dodgers in the end won 8 to 5 to the Montreal Expos. Nomo picked up his 3rd win.

May 12
The Dodgers gave him 2 runs in the first inning, and Nomo had a good start with strike outs. But Florida Marlins' back up catcher spoiled his day with a homer and reaching home after a double. Nomo pitched 4 2/3 innings giving up in all 7 runs. Its his 5th loss in a 3 to 11 game.

May 7
In the first inning, Nomo gave up a 3 run homer. In all he pitched 5 innings, giving up 4 runs. The Dodgers in the end won 6 to 5 over the Atlanta Braves, but Nomo was unaccounted for.

May 1
Nomo struck out 10. But he proved unlucky again. He pitched 9 innings. He gave up 2 homers in the beginning. In the 6th inning, he lost 2 runs which include his own error. His teammates did not score at all, thus losing the game 0 to 4 to the Cincinnatti Reds. Nomo took his 4th loss.

April 25
Nomo was not bad. He gave up 3 runs in 6 innings. But he did not receive support from his teammates. The Dodgers lost 2 to 3 to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nomo had to take his 3rd loss.

April 19
This time Nomo had support from his teammates. Although he was homered by Dan Diego Padres' rookie Sean Burroughs, his team batted in 3 runs before he left the mound after pitching 7 1/3 innings. The Dodgers won 5 to 2, and Nomo's record is 2-2.

April 14
Nomo had a good start. But in the 7th inning, he walked the opposing players. Overall he pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up only one run. But since his team did not support him with runs at all, the Dodgers lost 0 to 1 against the San Diego Padres, and Nomo lost the game.

April 9
Nomo again pitched against the SF Giants. This time the outcome of the game was completely different from his previous game. He did not give up any runs until he was off the mound in 7 2/3 innings. And his team won 3 to 0. Nomo earned his first win.

April 3
Nomo pitched in the 2nd game of the season for the Dodgers. The first hitter he faced was SF Giants' Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Nomo walked him. Barry Bonds hit a 3 run homer off Nomo. In just 3 innings, Nomo succumbed to 4 runs. The Dodgers lost 0 to 12.