September 25
It's what's probably Nomo's last start of the season. In the 3rd inning, he marked his career total 3000 strike out. He gave up only a run until the 7th ining, but with the Dodgers scoreless. In the 8th inning, he gave up 4 runs. And the Dodgers ended up losing to the San Diego Padres 1 to 6. The Dodgers chance to go to the playoffs disappeared with this loss. Nomo finished the season with 16 wins 13 losses and ERA of 3.09

September 20
Nomo started and pitched a shut out 5 innings. But in the 6th inning, he got in trouble. On Barry Bonds sacrifice fly he lost a run. But after that the catcher could not catch his pitch, placing him in trouble. He took one out and left the mount all disappointed. He was accounted for losing 4 runs. The Dodgers los 0 to 6 against the SF Giants. Nomo succumbed to his 12th loss.

September 14
Nomo was at last back starting the game. He was away after complaining of a shoulder pain. He gave up 2 home runs. But managed to pitch 5 2/3 innings, and clinched his 16th win in the 5 to 2 game against the San Diego Padres. The total number of wins this season ties with his MLB best.

September 1
Nomo tried for his 16th win. But he was not in good shape. In 5 innings, he gave up 4 runs, and 9 base hits in all. The Dodgers lost in the end 1 to 10 against the Houston Astros. Nomo faced his 11th loss.

August 28
Nomo had a disasterous start succumbing to a 3 run homer. He stayed on the pitch 5th inning, and lost 6 runs. The Dodgers lost 1 to 6 against the Houston Astros. Nomo had his 10th loss.

August 22
Nomo had a shaky start, losing base hits. But he took batters out, including his former teammate Mike Piazza. In the 7th inning, he succumbed to a homer and finished that inning. The Dodgers managed to keep the lead to win 2 to 1 over the NY Mets. It's Nomo's 15th victory.

August 17
Nomo often got runners on base. But he kept focused. And he pitched 7 innings without losing a run. The Dodgers in the end won 3 to 0 over the Chicago Cubs. Nomo earned his 14th win.

August 7
Nomo did not seem to be in good shape. But he was supported by his teammates out in the field. In 6 1/3 innings, he lost 3 runs, and as the Dodgers won 4 to 3 over the Cincinnati Reds, Nomo gained his 13th win.

August 1
In the 2nd inning, Nomo was homered. Then due to pouring rain, the game was suspended for an hour and a half. When the game was resumed, Nomo didn't return to the mound. And since the Dodgers lost to the Atlanta Braves 0 to 2, Nomo had to take the loss. It's his 9th this season.

July 27
Nomo hurled 7 2/3 innings without giving up a run. He even had a base hit. In the end the Dodgers won 1 to 0 over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Nomo gained his 12th win.

July 22
Nomo had a shaky start. But he managed to pitch on. In the 6th inning, he got the bases filled, but overcame the pinch. He hurled 6 innings losing 2 runs in all. As the Dodgers won 5 to 2 over the Colorado Rockies, Nomo picked up his 11th win.

July 17
Nomo showed he was amazing with the bat. In the 3rd inning, he blasted a 2 run homer. In the 4th he hit home a runner. He pitched well too, giving up only a run in 6 innings. He clinched his 10th win in a 6 to 3 game over the St Louis Cardinals.

July 11
Nomo had a bad start losing 3 runs in the first inning. But he pitched 6 innings. He gave up 6 runs. But he did not have to take another loss for the game the Dodgers fell to the Colorado Rockies 6 to 7.

July 7
Nomo did all right. He went 7 innings lost 2 runs. That was it. But without the support of his team, he had to take his 8th loss in the 1 to 2 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

July 1
Nomo pitched will during 6 innings giving up only 2 hits, and striking out 9. But he faced trouble in the 7th inning. He was suddenly homered. He got the bases loaded thereafter and gave up 2 runs. The pitcher who followed lost more runs, so Nomo had to take the blame for 5 runs. He succumbed to his 7th loss. The Dodgers lost 1 to 7 to the San Diego Padres.

June 25
Nomo pitched a shut out 7 innings, hurling only 81 pitches. He struck out 7. Fans expected him to pitch more innings, but he did not. The Dodgers, in any case beat the San Francisco Giants 6 to 0. Nomo won his 9th game.

June 20
It was before a crowd of more than 54,000 that Nomo pitched. He hurled 7 1/3 innings, losing 2 runs. The Dodgers won 5 to 3 over the Anaheim Angels. Nomo earned his 8th win.

June 15
Nomo pitched well. He lost a run, and only 2 hits. He struck out 8. And he finally was able to pick up his 7th win in a 4 to 3 game over the Cleveland Indians.

June 10
Nomo pitched 7 innings and lost only one run. He was not supported by his teammates at the point he finished pitching. But in the 12th inning, the Dodgers beat the Detroit Tigers 3 to 1.

May 29
At the beginning of the game, Nomo lost a home run to the Atlanta Braves' Eric Young. Thereafter he pitched well, that is, until the 6th inning. He lost 3 runs including a 2 run homer. In all he pitched 7 innings. But since the Dodgers lost 3 to 5 to the Braves, he succumbed to his 5th loss.

May 24
Nomo pitched well. He pitched a no hitter until the 7th inning. He hurled over the distance a shut out game and struck out 8. And since the Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves 6 to 0, Nomo clinched his 6th win.

May 18
Nomo gave up a run in the 2nd inning. That was all the run he lost. In the 6th inning, his team took the lead. Nomo stepped down after finishing 7 innings. The Dedgers won 2 to 1 agains the Florida Marlins. And it's Nomo's 5th win.

May 12
Nomo had a shaky game. He gave up runs here and there. He hurled 7 innings and gave up 4 runs. But since his team tied with the Atlanta Braves the bottom of the 7th, he did not have to take the loss for the game which ended 4 to 11.

May 7
Nomo had a messy first inning. But he finished it by giving up only one run. And that was his only loss in 7 1/3 innings he pitched. His team won 2 to 1 over the NY Mets, and Nomo gained his 4th win.

May 1
Nomo succumbed to 2 home runs. He hurled 7 innings, in all giving up 4 runs. His team failed to support him this time, so he had to take his 4th loss in a 1 to 4 game against the Philadephia Phillies.

April 26
Nomo gave up 2 runs in the 3rd inning, and another in the 4th, but he recovered thereafter. He pitched 7 innings. The Dodgers won 4 to 3 over the Pittsburgh Pirates and Nomo earned his 3rd win.

April 20
In the 2nd inning, Barry Bonds blasted a homer off Nomo. Nomo gave up another home run in the 4th inning. In 7 innings, he succumbed to 4 runs. But this time, a whooping support from his team enabled him to at last clinch his 2nd win and his MLB career 100th win in a 14 to 4 game against the SF Giants.

April 15
In 5 2/3 innings, Nomo gave up 3 runs, including a home run. It wasn't so bad, but his team again did not hit enough runs. The Dodgers lost 2 to 3 to the San Diego Padres.

April 10
Nomo did not have a good control of his pitches, but he only gave up 2 runs in 7 innings. However, his teammates could not back him and the Dodgers lost to the SF Giants 1 to 2.

April 5
Nomo pitched 7 innings, giving up 3 runs this time which was not bad. But his teammates did not support him. The Dodgers lost 0 to 3 to the San Diego Padres.

March 31
Nomo was given an honorary role of opening the season for the Dodgers. His opposing pitcher was Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks. But he did not get tense. In fact, Nomo was awesome. He completed a shut out game with 103 pitches, striking out 7. It's his major league career 99th win. The Dodgers won 8 to 0.

Nomo to own amateur team
It was learned on Mar 6 that Nomo is aiming to run a club team from April. It will consist of players who's corporate teams closed down and former professional players. Nomo himself, before joining the Kintentsu Buffaloes in Japan was with a corporate team. He is expected to finance 10 million yen to run the team and coach the players during his off season.