Sept 17
Nomo was not in good shape on his anniversary of his first no-hitter game 8 years go. In the first inning, he gave up a 3 run homer to Vinny Castilla of the Colorado Rockies. He only lasted 1 1/3 innings and was taken responsible for 6 runs lost. But he did not have to take a loss. His team in the end beat the Rockies 8 to 6.

Sept 12
In the first inning, Larry Walker of the St Louis Cardinals homered off Nomo. He came home in the 3rd inning. He homered again in the 3rd. Nomo pitched until the middle of the 4th inning, and gave up a total 6 runs. But at one point, his team caught up, so even though the Dodgers in the end lost 6 to 7, he was not taken responsible.

Sept 7
Nomo pitched well from the first to the 4th inning. It was in the 5th inning, he lost a run to the Arizona Diamondbacks to equalize with his team. But in the bottom of that inning, his teammates hit in 2 RBIs. Nomo pitched 6 0/3 innings, and he earned his 4th win in a 8 to 2 game.

Sept 1
Nomo was at last back. He started this game. In the 3rd inning, he lost 3 runs. But held on for the next 3 innings. However, with little support from his teammate, Nomo had to take his 11th loss for a 1 to 3 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

June 30
In the first inning, Nomo was homered. In the 3rd inning, he gave up a 3 run homer. In the 5th, a single homer. Nomo pitched 4 2/3 innings,and gave up a total 7 runs. The Dodgers lost 1 to 7 to the Giants.

June 24
Nomo started and faced the San Francisco Giants. He lost runs bit by bit. In the 6th inning he was taken off. He was taken responsible for 6 runs. The Dodgers in the end lost 3 to 9. It's Nomo's 9th loss.

June 19
For the first time, Nomo faced the NY Yankees Hideki Matsui. In the first inning, with 2 runners on base, Matsui homered off him. But after, Nomo recovered. And not only that, he himself slammed a homerun in the 5th inning. But the Yankees in the end won the game 6 to 2.

June 13
Nomo already lost a run in the first inning. He held on until the 4th inning, when he lost 3 RBIs. The Dodgers finished the game 1 to 4 against the Boston Red Sox. Nomo took his 7th loss.

June 8
It's been 20 days since Nomo started. He didn't have a good start. He lost 3 runs already in the first inning. In the 3rd, his teammate erred which lead to more runs lost. He pitched 5 innings in all and since his team lost 1 to 7 to the Toronto BlueJays, Nomo succumbed to his 6th loss.

May 19
Nomo had to step down in the 2nd inning with runners on first and 3rd. His nail cracked. He was taken responsible for a run lost in 1 1/3 inning. The Dodgers lost 4 to 9 against the Philadelphia Phillies. Nomo took the loss. It's his 5th.

May 13
In the 2nd inning, Nomo gave up a base hit, then walked 3 to lose a run. He lost 3 runs in all and was off the mound. The pitcher who picked up from there lost more hits, and so Nomo had to take the responsibility for 6 runs lost. The Dodgers were defeated 3 to 7 by the Chicago Cubs.

May 8
It was in the 3rd inning, Nomo succumbed to a home run. He lost another run in the 5th inning. And after he allowed the Pittsburg Pirates to tie with the Dodgers in the 6th inning, he was gone. So he did not have the right to win the game at this point. The Dodgers, in the end won 4 to 3.

May 2
Until the 6th inning, Nomo gave up 2 runs do to a sacrifice fly and a grounded ball. But in the 6th, he succumbed to a home run by Orlando Cabrera who broke the tie. And Nomo was off the mound that inning. And since the Dodgers lost to the Expos 4 to 6, Nomo took his 3rd loss.

April 27
Nomo faced the Mets Kazuo Matsui. He kept Matsui from getting on base. But he was homered by Mike Piazz in the 6th inning. In all, he gave up 4 runs and took his 2nd loss in a 5 to 9 game.

April 21
Nomo started and got 2 runners on base, but managed to get through that inning. He had good support from his teammates and even though he lost 4 runs in 6 innings, he picked up his 3rd win. The game ended 9 to 4 against the Colorado Rockies.

April 15
Nomo had a messy start. In the first inning, he gave up 3 runs. But he recovered there after and finished 5 inning. His team won 7 to 5 over the San Diego Padres. Nomo himself was given his 2nd win.

April 10
In the 2nd inning, Nomo got the bases loaded and lost a run from walking a batter. But during the 6 innings he pitched, he gave up a total of only 2 runs. His team defeated the Colorado Rockies 7 to 4, and Nomo earned his first win. He said after the game that he's happy.

April 5
Nomo was chosen opening pitcher. He gave up a run in the 3rd inning. In the 5th inning, he was in big trouble. He walked a runner to fill the bases. Then the Padres' Phil Nevin grand slammed. He gave up a 2 run too in the same inning. The Dodgers lost 2 to 8 to the Padres