September 28
Shige finished the 7th inning, which he took over with an out and runner on first, all right. But in the 8th, he walked 4 consecutively, and his team was caught up by the Cleveland Athletics. Shige was off the mound after that. The game in the end was played 14 innings. The Angels managed to win 6 to 3.

September 22
Shige pitched the 7th and 8th inning smoothly. His team defeated the Texas Ranger 2 to 1. Shige marked his 18th hold.

September 20
It was again in the 7th inning with 2 outs, that Shige took over the mound. He took a smooth ride over 1 1/3 innings. Troy Percival finished the game which went into the 10th inning. The Angels defeated the Kansas City Royals 7 to 4. Shige was credited with his 17th hold.

September 16
Shige was on after 2 outs in the 7th inning with the Angels behind 5 to 6 to the Minnesota Twins. Then in the 8th, the Angels turned the game around. Troy Percival closed the final inning, Shige earned his 10th win in the game which ended 7 to 6.

September 7
Shige has been an unsuccessful relief pitcher during the past 2 games, but this time he was different. He pitched against the Detroit Tigers from the 8th inning, with his team leading 6 to 4. He only gave up a base hit and struck out 3. He clinched his 9th save.

September 3
It was unusual that Shige gave up so many runs. They were 3 runs in 2 innings against the Chicago White Sox. And the game was a loss for Shige's team. It ended 13 to 12.

August 29
Shige was back to his setupper position. He hurled just the 8th inning against the Toronto Blue Jays. Troy Percival closed the game and the Angels won 8 to 4.

August 27
The Angels led 10 to 9 when Shige pitched in the 8th inning. He kept the Cleveland Indians from scoring until the end. He was awarded his 8th save. By the way the Angels ace closure Troy Percival was back but Shige got to be the reliever anyway.

August 25
Shige finished the game against the Cleveland Indians. He pitched 2/3 inning without losing a run. The game ended 4 to 1, and it gave Shige his 7th save.

August 21
Shige faced the Boston Red Box in the 11th inning with the Angels leading by just one run. However, Shige gave up a run and this cost him his 3rd loss. It also ended his consecutive innings with no runs loss record. The Angels were defeated 6 to 7.

August 18
Shige did well against the New York Yankees. Even though he pitched 3 innings, he did not give up a run. And he was given his 8th win with the Angels winning 9 to 8.

August 12
Shige this time closed the game against the New York Yankees. He hurled 1 1/3 innings striking out 2, giving up a base hit but no runs. The Angels in the end won 9 to 6 and Shige collected his 5th save.

August 7
Shige came on as a relief ace replacing the regular closure. He finished the final 1 2/3 innings without losing a run. He earned his 4th save in the game the Angels won over the Boston Red Sox 4 to 1.

August 4
Shige again hurled a scoreless 2 innings. It was against the Cleveland Indians. And it was noted the next day that he will take on the teams ace closure. He's replacing Troy Percival who is out due to an injury.

August 1
The Detroit Tigers were leading 6 to 3 when Shige pitched in the 9th inning. Even though his team was not able to score, he extended his no-run lost record to 20 and 1/3 innings.

July 28
The Angels was ahead 10 to 7 against the Chicago White Sox at the 7th inning. That's when Shige was summoned. He completed 2 innings without giving up a run. In fact he has for 18 innings had not been held responsible for a run batted in. He contributed to his team's win.

July 24
The Angels was tied with the Texas Rangers in the 9th inning. It was at that point, Shige came to pitch. In the 10th, the Shige was called for a balk. But the call was retrieved. The Angels conquered the 12 inning game 6 to 5. Shige, who hurled 3 innings earned his 7th win, and Troy Percival his 23rd save.

July 8
Shige successfully pitched 2 innings against the Colorado Rockies, but the 6 to 2 win did not count for him.

July 5
Shige pitched well against the Angels the last 2 innings. But the Marines was ahead 6 to 4 and in the final inning and brought Kazuhiro Sasaki on to pitch again. He closed the game smoothly. So the game did not count for nor against Shige .

July 3
Shige pitched 2 innings without yielding a run against the Seattle Marines, but his contribution did not lead to his team batting in runs. That's because the opposing teams' Kazuhiro Sasaki closed the game for the Marines to win 8 to 6.

June 28
The Angels were winning 3 to 1 in the 7th inning when Shige pitched. He lost a homer to Alex Rodriguez. In 2 innings, that was the only loss he had. The Angels finished 3 to 2.

June 24
The Angels were behind 4 to 8 in the 9th. Shige came on and made the game look worse. He gave up 3 runs and only was able to take out 2. The Angels in the end lost 5 to 11 to the Minnesota Twins.

June 18
The Angels were leading 8 to 3. When Shige was on it was the 7th inning with an out and runner on 1st and 2nd bases. In the 9th, he was homered and then walked. In 1 2/3 innings he gave up 2 runs, but it was a nodecision game for him since his team won anyway 8 to 6 over the Baltimore Orioles.

June 15
It was a 1-1 tie when Shige came to pitch in the 9th inning against the Tampa Bay DevilRays . But he was no relief. He got the bases full and gave up a game losing run and took his 2nd loss. The Angels lost 1 to 2.

June 13
Shige pitched well over the Tampa Bay DevilRays from the 7th inning. He pitched 2 innings helping the Angels to win 5 to 3. But Shige was not accredited with anything.

June 7
Shige already clinched his 5th win this day. He hurled 2 1/3 innings from the 7th at 2 outs with the Angels leading 9 to 8 over the San Francisco Giants. In the 8th, the Giants caught up, but in the bottom of that inning, the Angels scored to win 10 to 9.

June 6
The Angels lost an 11 inning game to the San Francisco Giants 4 to 5, and Shige who gave up the run took the loss. It's his first loss of the season.

May 31
Although Shige yielded a run, it was a no-decision game for him. The Cleveland Indians won 7 to 3.

May 29
The Cleveland Indians caught up with the Angels in the 8th inning. That's by hitting Shige's pitch. But Shige was lucky. The Angels won in the 10th inning, and the win went to Shige. Shige earned his 4th win.

May 27
The Angels were ahead by 2 runs when Shige came on in the 8th inning. He walked two, but finished one inning without giving up runs. But it was after he left that the game was a mess. In the 10th inning, Carlos Beltran of the Kansas City Royals batted in a game winning run for the Royals 6 to 5 win.

May 24
Shige pitched one inning against the Minnesota Twins with no trouble, and in the end the Angels won 6 to 5.

May 23
The Angels were taking a 7 to 4 lead over the Minnesota Twins when Shiget came on in the 8th inning. He lost base hits but no runs in 2/3 inning. The game ended without any change to the score.

May 20
This time, Shige was in a mess. He came on in the 7th inning against the Kansas City Royals with his team ahead by a run. But he not only allowed the opponent to catch up, after loading all bases, he allowed all to come home. But in the bottom of that inning, the Angels reversed the game and won 9 to 8. Surprisingly, the win went to Shige.

May 19
In the 7th inning, Shige was appointed to pitch. It was against the Kansas City Royals with his team leading 5 to 4. He was able to keep the opponent from scoring during the 1 2/3 inning he's pitched. Shige contributed to his team's victory.

May 17
From the 7th inning, Shige pitched against the Baltimore Orioles. There was already a runner on 2nd base. He came home, but the loss did not count on Shige. He pitched the 8th inning too. The Angels in the bottom of that inning caught up with the Orioles. And in the final inning, batted in a game winning run to finish 8 to 7.

May 14
Thanks to Troy Glaus and all, Shige not only was able to avoid taking on a loss. He actually earned a win. In the 8th, when he came on, the Angels were tied with the Texas Rangers. He was homered by Rodriguez in the 9th, but in the bottom of that inning, his teammates reversed the score to win 7 to 6.

May 11
The Angels was behind 1 to 2 when Shige was on to pitch in the 6th inning. In the 7th, Troy Glaus homered to help the Angels catch up. In the 8th, Garret Anderson drove in a run for lead over the Texas Rangers. And Shige was able to keep the Rangers from scoring 3 innings and earned the victory for the team's 3 to 2 win.

May 9
Shige's turn came in the 5th inning. He hurled 2 1/3 innings and was homered once. The Oakland Athletics won 5 to 2.

May 5
Shige was on again for the 3rd day in a row. This time it was against the Seattle Mariners. He hurled just 2/3 inning, and did his job. The Angels won 6 to 5.

May 3
Shige did not do very well. he gave up not only a run in 2/3 inning against the Baltimore Orioles, he left a full base with 2 outs. But luckily, the Angels were able to keep the lead to win 6 to 5.

Apr. 29
Shige pitched the 8th and 9th innings against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He was homered in the 9th. But the Angels managed to reverse the game by clinching it in the 13th inning 7 to 6.

Apr. 25
For the first time, Shige pitched in a game the team faced another Japanese player. It was Hideo Nomo of the Detroit Tigers. But by the 8th inning when Shige came on, Nomo was gone. The Angels were behind 3 to 2 at that point. He finished the first inning safely. But in the 9th, due to poor fielding by the Angels, the team lost a run. It lost the game 2 to 4.

Apr. 22
Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Fred McGriff smacked a 3 run homer off Shige at the start of his pitch in the 7th inning. But he continued to finished the 9th. The game went into the 10th inning. There, Bubba Trammell of the Devil Rays belted a 2 run homer off Kent Mercker to clinch the game 11 to 9.

Apr. 18
The Angels were leading 16 to 4 against the Blue Jays when Shige came on in the 9th inning. But Shige was in a mess. He gave up a 3 run homer to Cruz--a total 6 runs. He took 2 outs before leaving the mound. The Angels still won 16 to 10.

This time, Shige indirectly lost one run. What happened was, in the 7th inning, after taking one out, Raul Mondesi slammed a base hit off him. Shige was off the mound. But the next pitcher brought trouble and got a runner home. So the record was marked on Shige. By the way, Shige smoothly finished the 6th inning. The Angels barely won 5 to 4 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

It's the 2nd game of the season for Shige. He pitched from the middle of the 7th inning. He gave up 2 base hits but no runs in 2/3 inning. And in the end the Angels defeated the Boston Red Sox 7 to 5. The win was not credited to Shige though.
Michiyo's Note: Sorry I missed his first game.