September 20
Shige has not been bringing much impact to the baseball scene. But this time, he got to hurl from the 7th inning, with the scored tied. The Angels batted in runs, and Shige did not give up any runs in 2 inning and struck out 4. He was given his 5th win. The Angels defeated the Seattle Mariners 6 to 3. June 30
Shige was back. He recovered from his right arm pain. And he, coincidentally faced his former teammate in Japan, Ichiro of the Seattle Mariners. Ichiro grounded the ball to center off Shige. The Mariners won 5 to 3 over the Anaheim Angels.

May 12
His team was tied to the Detroit Tigers when he came on to pitch. But he alone gave up 3 runs, and ended up losing the game. He succumbed to his 3rd loss.

May 3
Shige pitched just one inning. But he did it smoothly. Although his work was not given credit on his winning record, his team defeated the Chicago White Sox 3 to 1.

April 26
The game was tied against the Cleveland Indians. But he gave up a homer. And the Expos lost 5 to 6. He took his 2nd loss.

April 25
Shige came up to pitch just one inning as the Angels' 4th pitcher. But he contributed to his team, finishing without giving up a run. The Angels defeated the Cleveland Indians 3 to 0.

April 15
Hasegawa faced Ichiro again. But this time Hasegawa won. However, after that a nightmare for Shige. He lost 4 runs to the Seattle Mariners, and took his for lost in a 5 to 7 game.

April 13
For the first time, Shige faced a Japanese fielder in the US. It's his former teammate in Japan the Seattle Mariners Ichiro Suzuki.It was in the 9th inning. Ichiro grounded the ball to shortstop, and made it to first base. Howewer, because his teammate succeeded to hit a 2 run homer off another Japanese, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Shige clinched a win. The Mariners lost 3 to 4 to the Anaheim Angels.