September 26
The Mariners took the lead but Kazuhiro Sasaki lost an RBI in the 9th inning for a tie. The Mariners lost to the Oakland Athletics 3 to 5, and Shige faced his 3rd loss. The Mariners hope to advance to the playoffs vanished.

September 24
Shige was on in the 7th inning with his team behind by 5 runs. He pitched 1 2/3 innings without losing an RBI. And his team caught up and went ahead. It's defeated the Oakland Athletics 8 to 7. Shige earned his 8th win.

September 19
Shige came on in the 8th inning with the game a tie. He made it through but in the 10th inning got a runner to 3rd. He gave the mound up to closer Kazuhiro Sasaki. But because Sasaki got his runner home and even more. The Mariners lost to the Texas Rangers in the 10th inning 7 to 12.Shige faced his 4th loss as

September 16
Sasaki was on with the Mariners was winning the game in the 9th inning. But he gave up 2 runs. The game was extended. Shige was on. He pitched 2 innings, and in the bottom of the 11th inning the Mariners won 6 to 5 over the Texas Rangers. Shige earned his 7th win.

August 10
Shige was not accounted for the victory of the game which the Mariners clinched from the Chicago White Sox 7 to 3. But he was a major contributor. He pitched 2 2/3 innings well. And since he held on, the Mariners caught up with the White Sox, eventually leading to his team's win.

August 1
Shige faced a tough situation. His team was ahead by a run and the Cleveland Indians had bases were loaded. But he finished the 7th inning with a double play. The Mariners beat the Indians in the end 10 to 6.

July 30
Shige was on in the 9th inning and he pitched smoothly. The game against the Detroit Tigers went into the 10th inning. Shige pitched 1 2/3 innings without losing a hit. In the bottom of the 10th, with bases loaded Mark McLemore gave a surprising squeeze play to take his team to a 5 to 4 win. Shige earned his 6th victory this season.

July 18
Shige who took over from the 8th inning after his team caught up with Texas Rangers. He finished that inning. The next inning, his teammates took the lead and Kazuhiro Sasaki closed the final inning. Shige clinched his 5th win in the 5 to 3 game.

June 4
It was a bad day for Shige. He was pitching long innings from the 8th inning with the game a tie. In the 10th inning, he gave up an RBI to lose a game for the first time this season. The Mariners lost to the Oakland Athletics 2 to 3.

April 20
Shige took over in the 9th inning, with the Mariners behind the Texas Rangers by one run. Then that inning, the Mariners caught up earning a run from the Rangers Hideki Irabu. Shige in all pitched 3 innings well and as the Mariners clinched the game in the 11th inning, he earned his 3rd win.

April 15
In the 9th inning, Mark McLemore errored, and Kazuhiro Sasaki who pitched as usual inevitably lost a run. Bu the next inning, McLemore made up for the bluff with a 2 run single. Shige took over from Sasaki that inning. The Mariners clinched the game 13 to 11 over the Texas Rangers. Sasaki earned his first win, while Shige his first save--which is a contrary case of reward from usual.

April 14
Shige came up to pitch in the 7th inning leading the Texas Rangers by 2 run. He suffered 2 errors by his teammates which gave the opposing team 2 runs. Shige pitched 1 2/3 innings and left the rest of the game up to Kazuhiro Sasaki. Shige luckily clinched his 2nd win with the Mariners winning the game 9 to 7 over the Texas Rangers.

April 11
Shige hurled long this time. It's 2 2/3 innings. But he did not give up any runs. And his team clinched the game against the Anaheim Angels 8 to 4.

April 8
Shige was on in the 7th inning. He faced his former team, the Anaheim Angels, and hurled 1 2/3 innings safely. He clinched his first win. Kazuhiro Sasaki closed the game and the Mariners won 5 to 4.

April 5
Shige was on in the 9th inning. He struck out the first batter, lost a base hit, but a double play ended the game. The game was 7 to 1 over the Oakland Athletics.

April 2
Shige's chance to pitch came in the 8th inning. He gave up just a base hit and close the inning. And since his team reversed the game, followed by Kaz Sasaki finishing the game. The Mariners defeated the Chicago White Sox 7 to 4.

Shige signs with the Mariners
It was learned that Shig had signed a one year contact with the Seattle Mariners on Jan 11. Shige had been with the Angels for 5 years but was released after the 2001 season. He will join his former teammate Ichiro.