September 27
Shige was on in the 9th inning and closed the game. The Mariners won 7 to 4 against the Oakland Athletics. Shige earned his 16th save.

September 23
It was a vital game. The Mariners caught up with the Anaheim Angels in the 9th. And in the 11th inning Shige was on. But the game was over when he succumbed to a homer. The game finished 2 to 1.

September 12
In the 9th inning, Shige was called with 2 outs. He got an out with just one pitch. The Mariners in the end beat the Anaheim Angels 7 to 4. Shige won his 15th save.

September 9
The Mariners were tied with the Texas Rangers when Shige came up to pitch in the 9th inning. In the 10th inning, he lost a run. The Mariners lost 4 to 5. It's Shige's 2nd loss.

September 2
Shige was on in the 10th inning. He pitched 2 innings and gave up a run. But since the Mariners batted in 3 runs in the 11th inning, Shige picked up his 2nd win in a 10 to 8 game over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

August 31
Shige was appointed to close the game over Kazuhiro Sasaki. And he did. The Mariners beat the Baltimore Orioles 3 to 0. Shige picked up his 14th save.

August 28
The game was a tie, and Shige was on in the 9th inning. But he was homered. And Mariners lost 2 to 3 to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Shige succumbed to his first loss.

August 22
Shige gave up a homer in the 8th inning, his first run lost in 29 innings. And the Mariners ended up losing against the Boston Red Sox 4 to 6.

August 17
Shige pitched well again. He finished one inning, and helped the Mariners win 3 to 1 over the Boston Red Sox. He earned his 13th save.

August 15
Shige was on in the 8th inning. He continued to pitch well, and helped the team beat the Boston Red Sox 10 to 5. Shige himself collected his 12th save.

August 12
Shige was on the mound in the 9th inning. He extended his no runs lost record to 26 innings and gained his 11th save. The Mariners beat the Toronto BlueJays 3 to 1.

August 10
Shige pitched in a see saw game from the 9th inning. He walked another Japanese, Hideki Matsui. But managed to close the inning without losing a run. The Mariners won 8 to 6 over the NY Yankees. Shige won his 10th save.

August 9
Shige was on from the 9th inning and closed the game. The Mariner beat the NY Yankees 2 to 1. Shige collected his 9th save.

August 5
Shige close the game in the 9th inning, and as his team defeated the Cleveland Indians 2 to 1, he earned his 8th save.

July 22
Shige gave up a hit, but succeeded in getting a double play. He closed the 9th inning all right for his 7th save. The Mariners defeated the Minnesota Twins 10 to 8.

July 18
In the 9th inning, after Ichiro's grand slam, Shige was on. He pitched well, unlike in the all star game, and earned his 6th save in the 6 to 3 game over the Kansas City Royals.

All Star Game
Shige was chosen to play in the All Star Games for the first time. He became the 4th pitcher to pitch in Chicago's Cellular Field on July 15. But he gave up a 2 run homer and in all succumbed to 4 runs in 3/4 inning. But in the end, his American League clinched the game 7 to 6 over the National League.

July 11
Shige came on to close the game in the 9th inning, and he did it smoothly. The Mariners beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4 to 3. Shige collected his 5th save.

July 8
One day after his surprise selection to play in the Major League All Star game, he pitched. It was in the 8th inning with runner on first and 2nd. He lost a run. But he finished the final inning all right and since the Mariners beat the Baltimore Orioles 6 to 5, he earned his 4th save.

July 5
In the 10th inning, with the Mariners clinching the lead, Shige pitched. He close the game and earned his 3rd save. It was a 3 to 2 win over the Texas Rangers.

June 26
Shige had to pitch 3 long innings as a relief pitcher. He closed the game to give the Mariners a 10 to 6 win over the Anaheim Angels. It's Shige's 2nd save.

June 21
Shige pitched in the 9th inning with one out, as the regular closure Kazuhiro Sasaki's was out recovering from an injury. He got 2 more outs to close the game 4 to 2 over the San Diego Padres. It's Shige's first save.

April 20
Shige took on the mound with bases loaded in the 8th inning. He managed to finish the inning. Kazuhiro Sasaki took over, and gave up a run. Bu the Mariners managed to clinch the game winning 7 to 6 over the Anaheim Angels. Shige earned his first win.

April 13
Shige pitched from the 9th inning with the game a tie. He went on for 3 1/3 innings shutting out the Texas Rangers, and left the game to Kazuhiro Sasaki. Shige did a very good job despite a pain around his rear. In the 13th inning, the Mariners clinched the game 4 to 3.

April 6
Shige pitched his 4th game of the season already. He pitched from the 7th inning, and hurled 2 2/3 innings, meaning til the end. The Mariners won 11 to 2 over the Texas Rangers.

April 1
The season opened a week later than planned for the Mariners and the Oakland Athletics. Openers were slated in Tokyo but they were cancelled due to the US led war breaking out in Iraq. Shige got to pitch but the team was not scoring at all. He hurled 1 1/3 inning well, but the Mariners' lost 0 to 5.