August 4
Shige has not been doing to well. On this day, he was on in the 7th inning. But he gave up 3 runs in 1/3 inning. The Mariners lost to the Baltimore Orioles 3 to 6.

July 18
Shige pitched in the 8th inning. But he wasn't able to keep the Cleveland Indians from scoring, succumbing to a home run. The buttom of that inning, the Mariners batted in 2 runs. Shige was given a win in the 7 to 5 game. It's his US-Japan career 100th win.

June 6
In the 8th inning, Shige was on. And he luckily earned his 2nd win as his team in the 9th inning, clinched the game 5 to 4 over the Chicago White Sox.

April 14
In a very competitive game, Shige was up to pitch from the 7th inning with 2 runners on base. He settled that inning and also the 8th inning. But in the 9th, he walked the first batter, and was taken off the mound. The pitcher who took over allowed the runner to steal all the way to third and gave up a sacrifice fly. The Mariners lost to the Anaheim Angels 6 to 5. Shige had to take the loss.

April 11
At last, the Mariners won its first game this season. It's against the Oakland Athletics. Shige was on in the 8th inning with his team behind. But his team caught up in the 9th inning. The Mariners clinched the game in the 10th inning 9 to 4. Shige was givein his first win too.

April 8
The Mariners was winning when Shige was summoned on the mound in the 9th inning with a runner on first base. But he was in trouble. He succumbed to base hits, and himself balked. The Mariners in the end lost 1 to 5 to the Anaheim Angels. Shige also had to take his first loss.

April 7
For the first time this season, Shige pitched. It was in the 9th inning with his team behind the Anaheim Angels by 3 runs. He smoothly finished the inning, but the Mariners lost to the Angels 7 to 10.