Shige retires
Shige announced on Jan 23 through his management firm that he's retiring from playing baseball. He said the reason was, he lost motivation. Last season, he played only in 46 games, the least in his 9 year career. In Nov 2005, he was released by the Mariners.

June 7
When he pitched in the 7th inning, the game was a tie. And he prevented 2 runners on base already, from coming home. The Mariners scored a run the next inning, and as the team went on to defeat the Florida Marlins 4 to 3, Shige picked up his first win.

May 18
Shige has been giving steady performances. He pitched in the 6th inning with bases loaded,facing the NY Yankees Hideki Matsui. He struck the superstar out. And he pitched 2 innings without giving out a run. In the end, his contribution paved the way to his team winning 7 to 6.

Apr 5
Shige pitched for the first time in the 5th inning, when his team was behind by 3 runs. He pitched 2 1/3 innings and gave up a run. The Mariners, however lost to the Minnesota Twins 4 to 8.