Surprise trade to Giants
Shinjo's trade to San Francisco Giants was made known on Dec 17 here suddenly. It surprised the Japanese fans. On Dec 19, Shinjo spoke to the Japanese press and explained how he couldn't believe that he had to leave the Mets already when he's just started to get used to the team. But he said that he will try his best to mingle with the Giants team, and looked forward to seeing many Japanese attend his games in SF.

Shinjo's income to boost
It was learned in Japan on Nov 7 that the Mets have resigned Shinjo for the next season for 1.35 million dollars. Its estimated to be 7 times the amount he earned from playing with the team in 2001.

September 22
Shinjo in the 8th inning blasted a 2 base hit to get a runner home. The Mets defeated the Atlanta Braves 7 to 3. Shinjo finished the season with .268 batting average, 10 home runs,and 56 RBIs. He played in 123 games.

September 21
The Mets played in New York for the first time since the terrorist attack. It was a dramatic game. Shinjo hit a sacrifice fly to tie with the Atlanta Braves. He had a single too. In the final inning, Mike Piazza homered to finish the game 2 to 1. Shinjo when interviewed after the game said that the game was as unbelievable as a cartoon. (He probably was trying to say it was like a fairy tale) And he appeared to be almost in tears.

September 19
Shinjo is doing great. He was 3 in 4. And his team won 9 to 2 over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

September 18
Shinjo was on the starting roster again,and the 4th to bat. He had 2 hits and his team defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 7 to 5.

September 17
The Mets were back to work for the first time after the World Trade Center was attacked. Shinjo was on the clean-up from the start. In the 9th inning, he went to first after being hit in the side. He stole to 2nd and then came home to give the Mets a 4 to 1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

September 4
Shinjo was wonderful. He hit 2 runners home in the 2nd inning with bases loaded. then in the third inning, he killed a runner at home by hurling the ball from outfield. He had 2 hits in all. The Mets defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 5 to 3.

September 3
The day before Shinjo had no hit, but this time, he was hitting clean-up. And he not only got on base twice. When he ran to second while the Todd Zeile was taken out, he not only made it to third, he came home to bring the game to a tie. The Mets in the end defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 10 to 7.

September 1
Shinjo increased his game hitting streak to 6. He had one hit. The Mets was able to clinch the game in the 11th inning from the Florida Marlines 3 to 2.

August 31
Shinjo was hit the first time at bat. But he had thereafter 2 hits. And the Mets defeated the Florida Marlins 6 to 1.

August 30
Shinjo was a wonder. He had a 3 run homer, then he singled, and tripled. He needed to double to achieve a cycle, but could not. Still he played a great game taking his team to a 6 to 2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

August 29
Shinjo had one hit. And he's contributed to his team's 7 to 5 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

August 28
Shinjo kept himself in good shape achieving again 2 hits. But his team lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 2 to 9.

August 27
Shinjo had some very young visitors. They are Japan's little league world champions. And right before them, Shinjo had 2 hits including a homerun. He fielded well too catching what appeared to be a homerun. However, his team lost to the San Francisco Giants 5 to 6.

August 22
Shinjo after so many games played finally had a hit. But his team had a big loss against the Colorado Rockies. It was a 0 to 10 game.

August 17
Shinjo at last was able to appeal. He started in this game and had a 2 run homer. However, his team lost to the LA Dodgers 8 to 3.

August 7
Shinjo had been playing previous games, but this game he was given special treament worth mentioning. He was deliberately walked. He had one hit too. The Mets defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 3 to 0.

August 2
Shinjo had a hit. But he was most outstanding out on the field. He caught a difficult fly, and hurled from outfield straight to home which got the Houston Astros runner out. In the end though, the Mets lost 3 to 4 to the Astros in the 10th inning.

August 1
Shinjo did not start the game, but he got one important hit in the 10th inning. And the Mets defeated the Houston Astros 8 to 2.

July 29
The previous day, Shinjo erred out in the field. But this time, he made up for it with a homerun. It's his 6th. And in the end, Mike Piazza homered to take the Mets to a 6 to 5 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

July 25
The previous day, Shinjo did not have a hit, but this time he had two. And he came home too to score the team's first run. But there's worry. It's because when he slid to home base, he could not get up for a while. The Mets won 5 to 2 over the Florida Marlins.

July 22
Shinjo started this game. And he hit well again, recording 3 hits. But his team lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 3 to 2.

July 21
Shinjo was monstrous this time. He had 4 hits. The Mets won 6 to 3 over the Philadephia Phillies.

July 18
In the 9th inning, Shinjo got hit in the back. He got on base, and from 3rd, he tried to get home, but failed. In the 11th inning, runner was on first. Shinjo got the ball bouncing out on the field. And on this double, the runner came home. The Mets defeated the Florida Marlins 4 to 3.

July 16
Shinjo is back, and started the game. He did not have a hit, but the Mets defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3 to 0.

June 20
Shinjo was reported to have been placed on the disabled list. He had hurt his leg in an ealier game when he slid to first.

June 16
Shinjo had a whooping 3 hits this day. And his batting average improved to .286. But his team lost to the New York Yankees again. This time it was 1 to 2.

June 15
Shinjo had a hit. And he played well out in the field too. But the Mets lost to the New York Yankees 4 to 5.

June 13
In the 10th inning, with Mike Piazza out on base, Shinjo was up to bat. And he hit Piazza home to win the game. It was 7 to 6 against the Baltimore Orioles.

June 12
Shinjo had not been hitting well. But on this day, he batted in 2 runs, and 3 hits in all. He helped the Mets defeat the Baltimore Orioles 10 to 3. His batting average was .286.

June 5
Shinjo had 2 hits. He doubled and earned 2 RBIs. The Mets' shut out the Philadelphia Phillies 9 to 0.

June 1
Shinjo was back starting the game, as number 6 in the line-up. His turn to bat coincided again with bases loaded. And he hit the ball, to welcome in 2 runs. In all, he had 2 hits, and his batting average slighly improved to .284. The Mets won 7 to 1 to the Florida Marlins.

June 1
Shinjo did not start the game, but he had to bat when bases were full twice. The first time, he struck out. But the second time, he doubled. And the Mets defeated the Florida Marlins 11 to 5.

May 28
It was a good and bad day for Shinjo. But perhaps, the bad aspect had the bigger impact. Shinjo at center misjudged where the ball would drop and that error gave the opponents runs. While Shinjo had 1 hit, and he was deliberately walked once. The Mets lost to the Philadephia Phillies 3 to 5.

May 27
Shinjo only played out in the field. He was a replacement from the 8th inning. That was all.

May 26
This time Shinjo had2 hits. During one, a runner came home. However, the Mets lost 3 to 7 to the Florida Marlins.

May 25
Shinjo was again 5th in the starting line-up. The 2nd time at bat, he got a base hit. He stole base too. He was later, hit by a pitch, and when asked by reporters after the game as to what skipper Bobby Valentine said to him at that time, Shinjo said "daijo bu desuka". Yes, Valentine said "are you all right" in Japanese. The Mets clinched the game 4 to 3 over the Florida Marlines.

May 24
Shinjo started as number 5 in the line-up, out in center. But this time, he had no hits. Still the Mets defeated the Floriday Marlins 11 to 3.

May 23
Way a go for Shinjo. He blasted a 2 run homer to give the Mets the lead over the Montreal Expos. And the Mets in the end won 4 to 2.

May 22
Shinjo continues to hit well. He got on base twice and his batting average rose to .309. However, the Mets lost 0 to 3 to the Montreal Expos.

May 21
Shinjo was great again. He doubled twice. The first time was with bases loaded in the 6th inning. And he had 3 RBIs. His hitting average improved to .299. The Mets won 6 to 3 to the Montreal Expos.

May 20
The game was tied in the 9th inning, and with runners on 1st and 3rd. Shinjo was up to bat. Hit hit the ball, and it grounded to center. A runner came home, and the Mets defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 6 to 5. It's the first time a Japanese recorded a game winning hit to finish the game.

May 18
Shinjo is helping the Mets more and more. He had 2 hits, and the Mets defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 8 to 0.

May 15
Shinjo contributed. He had 2 hits to the left, and he stepped on home base too, to help the Mets win 1 to 0 to the San Diego Padres. The Mets losing streak was halted at 6.

May 13
This time, Shinjo was in the starting line-up. And he homered. He also had another hit. However, his team lost it's 6th straight game. The San Francisco Giants won 6 to 3.

May 12
Shinjo did not start the game, but he was great. He had 2 hits, and batted in 2 runs. The Mets however los 10 to 3 to the San Francisco Giants.

May 9
Starting this time, Shinjo hit the ball to center to get on base. But he didn't perform otherwise. The Mets lost to the Colorado Rockies 0 to 6.

May 7
It's the best game for Shinjo so far. He had an RBI, first time at bat. Next, he was on with bases loaded. He slammed the ball, and all 3 came home. Shinjo recorded 4 runs in just one game. And the Mets defeated the Colorado Rockies 10 to 9.

May 6
This time, he not only started, but performed. He doubled, and then singled. But as he fielded on left, he failed to catch a popped up ball. And the Mets lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 2 to 8.

May 5
It's been a while since Shinjo started the game. And he was able to, with a sacrifice fly, earn a run. But that was all. Still the Mets won 8 to 1 over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

April 27
Shinjo was finally back in the starting line-up. He was out of the list for 3 games. But he not only was not able to get on base. He erred in the right field. The team lost 0 to 9 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

April 22
On the starting line-up this time, Shinjo contributed. He not only had a base hit, he homered too. His second of the season. The Mets won 5 to 1 over the Cincinnatti Reds.

April 17
Shinjo grounded the ball to shortstop at his first time at bat. He made it to first base. But this was his only hit of the day. However, team was able to defeat the Expos 4 to 0.

April 16
For the first time Shinjo faced a Japanese pitcher in the US. It's Masato Yoshii who just joined the Montreal Expos. Shinjo went for the first pitch, but grounded it to shortstop. He didn't get on base, but his team won 4 to 0.

April 15
For the first time, Shinjo was first in the starting line-up. He double in his 4th time at bat. But his team lost to the Cincinnati Reds 3 to 1.

April 13
Shinjo played well. He was on the base 4 times. He was walked once. But unfortunately, his team lost to the Cincinnati Reds 2 to 3. He was 6th to hit in the starting line-up.

April 11
This time, against the Atlanta Braves, Shinjo could not get a base hit. Perhaps the rain bothered him. His team lost 2 to 0.

April 9
In the 6th inning, Shinjo slammed a homerun from the Atlanta Braves. And as he watched his ball go into the stands, he hurled his bat. It's his first homerun in the Major Leagues, and his first in his homeground New York. The Mets won 9 to 4, ending its losing streak. Shinjo said to Japanese reporters after the game that he's extremely happy.

April 8
Shinjo started again. He had 2 hits in 5 times at bat. But his team lost again to the Expos, this time, 2 to 5. It's the team's 3 straight loss. So after the game, Shinjo said that he was unhappy even though he performed well.

April 7
Shinjo was the 8th in the starting line-up. And this time he had 2 hits in 3 times at bat. He played well out in the field too. But his team could not score at all, losing 0 to 10 to the Montreal Expos.

April 6
This time Shinjo did not start. He came up as a pinch hitter again but failed to make it to base. The Mets lost to the Montreal Expos 6 to 10.

April 5
Shinjo was for the first time in the starting line up. He was the 7th batter. His first at bat, he grounded a hit. And he came home too. He hit his first run in in the 9th inning. The Mets in the end won 7 to 1 over the Atlanta Braves

April 4
Shinjo came on as a pinch hitter in the 8th . He popped up a fly to left. He was out in the field in the 8th and 9th innings. But this time, he did not do anything particularly astonishing. The Mets lost 2 to 3.

April 3
Shinjo was not in the starting line-up. But he was called to replace the runner on first base in the 8th inning when his team was tied with the Atlanta Braves. He succeeded in touching up to 2nd base. And then, Robin Ventura doubled a homer. Shinjo came home too. But the Braves reversed the game in the bottom of the inning. And in the 9th, Shinjo dived into the ball at left field keeping his team from losing further runs. In the 10th inning, Shinjo was at bat. He grounded the ball to center. And the Mets clinched the game 6 to 4.

Shinjo in first exhibition game
Shinjo started in the first exhibition game on Mar 2. The Mets played against the Montreal Expos Although Shinjo made it to first base because the opponent erred, he struck out twice thereafter. As right fielder he did his job. And it was the day after that Shinjo managed his first hit to outfield, and he earned an RBI.It was from the LA Dodgers.

IN 2000

Shinjo choses to sign with Mets
In a surprising move, Tsuyoshi Shinjo who became a free agent from the Tigers announced Dec. 11 that he has decided to sign with the New York Mets. He revealed the decision after his meeting with Tigers officials. Shinjo had met the BayStars and the Swallows to hear their offers, but had refrained from giving comments on his decision. On Dec. 16, Shinjo left for New York to sign. Then he suddenly announced his marriage to a former model--his 7 year girlfriend.