Return to the Mets
It was learned on Jan 11 that Shinjo had reached a deal with the New York Mets, and will play for them again for the 2003 season. It's a one year contract for 600 thousand dollars. And he can make more depending on his performance.

World Series vs Anaheim Angels
*Game 7
Shinjo got to bat in the final inning with one out and runners on 1st and 2nd. But he struck out. The game ended 4 to 1 for the Angels. The Angels as a result became the World Champion.

*Game 5
Shinjo at last got to play on Oct 24. He played out in the field first from the 6th inning. His first at bat, he struck out. He gave a bunt next, and it was successful. Then he grounded to 3rd which the Angels 3rd baseman missed. The Giants had a whooping win of 16 to 4.

*Game 1
Shinjo started the first game of the World Series on Oct 19 as a designated hitter, 9th in the line up. He struck out the first time, but hit to center to make it on base his 2nd at bat. His team also won the game over the Anaheim Angels 4 to 3. But after the game, Shinjo told reporters that he's expected to be a benchwarmer for game 2.

Shinjo got to play in the playoffs at last on Oct 13. It was Game 4 of the NL Championship Series. He was out in the right field from the 7th inning. He had a chance to bat but grounded the ball for an out. His team however on the day won with Benito Santiago's 2 run homer. It's 4 to 3 over the St Louis Cardinals.

September 5
Shinjo homered off the Arizona Diamondbacks Curt Schilling. Barry Bonds homered too. But the Giants lost 5 to 8.

September 3
It's been a while since Shinjo got to start again. He had a hit, and showed an almost laser beam throw. His team beat the Colorado Rockies 4 to 2.

August 27
Shinjo started for the first time in 5 days. He did fine. He had 2 hits, and showed his energy out in the field. His team defeated the Colorado Rockies 7 to 4.

August 22
Shinjo batted in a tie for the team. He had a double too. The Giants geat the New York Mets again 3 to 1.

August 21
Shinjo was not on the starting line-up. He pinched hit in the 8th inning. And stayed on to achieve a base hit. The Giants defeated the NY Mets 3 to 1.

August 20
Shinjo with a sacrifice fly batted in his team's only run. The Giants beat his former team NY Mets 1 to 0.

August 16
Shinjo performed a wonderful catch out in the field. He also had a hit. But his team lost to the Florida Marlins 2 to 4.

August 15
Shinjo had 2 hits. But the game finished a 3 to 3 tie against the Atlanta Braves in the 10th inning. The rain kept the game from being played further.

August 14
Shinjo started for the first time since he was out from injury. The previous day he played only a bit on the field. He, however, finished the day without a hit. The Giants lost 0 to 1 to the Atlanta Braves.

July 25
Shinjo doubled. But as he slid to second something appeared wrong. He came home, but he seemed to be in pain. It was learned that he's hurt his hamstring. He's been placed on the disabled list. He is one of many casulaties the Giants faces. The team lost 3 to 4 to the St Louis Cardinals.

July 20
Shinjo had 2 hits. One was a bunt that got himself on base. His team, however, lost 2 to 4 to the LA Dodgers.

July 16
Shinjo was impressive. He had a 2 base hit off the Arizona Diamondbacks' Randy Johnson. In the 5th inning, he jumped to catch a fly, and in the 8th, he gave a ripping throw to home to kill a runner. But the Giants lost any way 3 to 5.

July 15
Shinjo with a bunt, successfully got on base. That was his only hit but the Giants defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 6 to 3.

July 12
Shinjo was great. He not only achieved 2 hits, but batted in 3 RBIs in all. He helped his team win 9 to 0 over the Colorado Rockies.

July 5
Shinjo had a hit off the Arizona Diamondbacks Curt Shilling. He struck out otherwise. The Giants lost 1 to 2.

July 4
Shinjo homered again. That was his only hit on the day. Unfortunately the Giants lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 3 to 6.

July 2
Shinjo was incredible. He blasted a grand slam. And that wasn't all. It had another homer. In all, he achieve 5 hits and earned 5 RBIs. The Giants defeated the Colorado Rockies to a whooping 18 to 5.

June 25
Shinjo did not have a hit for 3 games. This time he had 2. But San Diego Padres clinched the game 10 to 7.

June 21
Shinjo doubled and earned an RBI. His team won 4 to 3 over the Baltimore Orioles.

June 20
Shinjo smashed his 5th homer. He had another hit. The Giants defeated the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10 to 2.

June 19
Shinjo had a hit and an RBI. His team defeeated the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8 to 0. Shinjo said after the game that he's not in good shape because he's been watching the World Cup finals.

June 11
Shinjo had one hit and recorded 2 RBIs contributing to his team's 9 to 2 win over the Toronto BlueJays.

June 10
Shinjo had a double twice. However his team lost 5 to 6 to the Toronto Blue Jays. There was good new for Shinjo. He was number 7 among outfielders in his league for the all star vote. It's the first time he's ranked in.

June 3
Shinjo with a double welcomed home a runner. He had a homer too. In all 2 RBIs. His team defeated the San Diego Padres 11 to 3.

June 1
Shinjo was as wonder. He had 4 hits. Unfortunately his team lost to the Colorado Rockies 4 to 5.

May 24
Shinjo continues to hit well. But when he had his 2nd hit, with 2 runners on base, a runner coming home got killed. And Shinjo who attempted to make it to 2nd base failed too. The Giants lost to the Colorado Rockies 5 to 8.

May 22
Shinjo exploded this day with 3 hits. And his team had an overwhelming victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks 5 to 3.

May 21
Shinjo had his first hit off the Arizona Diamondbacks Randy Johnson. And it was with bases loaded. Shinjo earned 2 RBIs. But the Giants lost 4 to 9.

May 18
Shinjo managed to hit well again and came home. The Giants defeated the Florida Marlins 10 to 5.

May 17
Shinjo was a wonder. In the 8th inning at 2 outs with the bases loaded Shinjo was up to bat. He homered! It's the first time that a Japanese player achieved a grand slam in US Major League baseball. His team defeated the Florida Marlins 9 to 3.

May 16
Shinjo had 2 hits but his team lost to the Atlanta Braves 4 to 5.

May 15
Shinjo blasted off a base hit from Greg Maddux. Otherwise the Atlanta Braves defeated the Giants 6 to 1.

May 14
Shinjo was 1 out of 4 times at bat. He showed his stuff out in the field. The Giants won 2 to 0 over the Atlanta Braves.

May 10
Shinjo did not impress with his performance in NY. But in the game against the Montreal Expos, he went 2 for 4. and an RBI. But the Expos won 6 to 3.

May 7
For the first time since joining the Giants, Shinjo face the NY Mets, his former team. He started out well, with a base hit, but that was all. Still the Giants defeated the Mets 5 to 1. After the game, Shinjo told the press that playing at Shea Stadium again was for him something special.

May 3
Shinjo had 2 base hits this time. And his team was able to beat the Cincinnatti Reds 6 to 1.

April 30
Shinjo played well out in the field. He caught a fly in the outfield, and immediately passed the ball to Barry Bonds. He had one base hit, but his team lost to the Philadephia Phillies 2 to 8.

April 25
Shinjo got himself a base hit, but his team lost to the Chicago Cubs 1 to 2.

April 24
It appears Shinjo is playing well 7th in the line up. This time he had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. But the Chicago Cubs busted the Giants 10 to 4.

April 23
Shinjo blasted. He had his 2nd homer of the season. In all, he had 3 hits. And his team overwhelmed the Chicago Cubs 12 to 4.

April 20
This time Shinjo hit a single and a double, and got a runner home on a sacrifice fly. The Giants defeated the Houston Astros 13 to 9.

April 19
Shinjo's consecutive game hit ended in this game. But he supported his team out in the field. He killed Houston Astros player going into second. The Giants won 3 to 2.

April 17
Shinjo extended his consecutive game hit record to 8. However, his team lost to the San Diego Padres 3 to 5.

April 16
It was unusual that Shinjo fumbled a fly out in the field. But with the bat, he stretch his number of base hits to 7 straight games. This time the Giants defeated the San Diego Padres 5 to 1.

April 15
Shinjo doubled at his 2nd at bat. It's his 6th straight game to get a base hit. But, his team lost to the San Diego Padres 3 to 4.

April 14
Shinjo had base hits this game too. In fact he had two to the left. However his team was defeated by the Milwaukee Brewers 4 to 3.

April 12
Shinjo had a base hit again. He also played well out in the field. By the way, his team mate Barry Bonds blasted a 3 run homer, his 6th this season and his 573rd career total. He became 6th in career home runs. The Giants defeated the Brewers 5 to 1.

April 11
Shinjo got a base hit and he also stole 2nd. However, his team lost to the LA Dodgers 3 to 4.

April 10
Shinjo blasted his first homer. And it was an effective one as the game continued a tie until Barry Bonds doubled to take the Giants to a 2 to 1 win over the LA Dodgers.

April 9
Shinjo got to face Hideo Nomo again. But before his first time at bat, he played well out in the field. In the 8th inning he slammed a base hit to the left, but he was unable to help his team win. The Giants lost to the LA Dodgers 0 to 3

April 7
Shinjo started as the 7th to bat. But he could not get himself on base. Still his team won 10 to 1 over the San Diego Padres.

April 6
Shinjo was taken off the starting line up. He was out on the field only in the 9th inning. His team without him won 4 to 1 to the San Diego Padres.

April 5
Shinjo didn't achieve any base hits, but his team clinched the came 3 to 1 over the San Diego Padres.

April 3
Shinjo faced Hideo Nomo of the LA Dodgers. But he was walked. He came home on Barry Bonds homer. Shinjo also marked his first hit of the season. The Giants defeated the Dodger 12 to 0.

April 2
Shinjo was the lead of hitter for his new team. However, he was unable to perform. But his teammates including Barry Bonds were fabulous winning 9 to 2 over the LA Dodgers.